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johnlom johnlom Remove Tag In Acrobat XI Standard 38 2 12 hours ago by johnlom

a C student a C student Listnumbering attribute 78 2 13 hours ago by a C student

oakandleaf oakandleaf New to Accessibility and have run into problems I can't seem to find answers to. 78 2 1 day ago by oakandleaf

ws591 ws591 Accessibility check passing figures without alt text 38 2 1 day ago by ws591

athurman1973 athurman1973 Accessibility tools unavailable in Acrobat XI Pro 156 3 2 days ago by athurman1973

pathblaster pathblaster Acrobat Pro XI Crashes with every Accessibility feature 557 8 5 days ago by RMPrepress

BrandieK BrandieK Acrobat XI Tag tree collapses upon save 56 1 1 week ago by a C student

Minka316 Minka316 Headers and Footers 84 2 1 week ago by Minka316

Danny Occoquan Danny Occoquan Way to get Acrobat to make Lbl tags in list structures from Word 2010? 110 4 1 week ago by Danny Occoquan

LBarton LBarton Wrong type parameter supplied to a PDS procedure 62 0 1 week ago by LBarton

Danny Occoquan Danny Occoquan Quick way to assign table header IDs to data cells? 219 6 1 week ago by Danny Occoquan

Danny Occoquan Danny Occoquan Table Editor prompt re: span/malformed structure - way to turn it off? 44 0 1 week ago by Danny Occoquan

shaynegw shaynegw Custom XMP document metadata panel 48 0 1 week ago by shaynegw

Minka316 Minka316 tagging order vs reading order 302 6 2 weeks ago by raeben3

Mally L Mally L Shortcuts or Scripts for repetitive tagging tasks 104 1 3 weeks ago by a C student

otth6 otth6 Table of Contents retains hyperlinks but Table of Figures/Tables does not 98 0 3 weeks ago by otth6

Clicaway Clicaway question 86 0 4 weeks ago by Clicaway

RuthJ1 RuthJ1 From Access to Adobe: tags get lost 113 1 4 weeks ago by CtDave

asfaith asfaith Conserving Tags 147 3 1 month ago by Test Screen Name

kschmitt kschmitt Ability to add/delete tags or edit item structure no longer working 140 1 1 month ago by kschmitt

gramey530 gramey530 Alternate text not always displaying 264 3 1 month ago by raeben3

pgio.camh pgio.camh Adding Tags to Document corrupts images 184 2 1 month ago by pgio.camh

jay fresno jay fresno Accessible PDF from MS Word on Mac 671 4 1 month ago by pathblaster

BobS71 BobS71 Making old PDF files Accessible using ONLY Acrobat 218 2 1 month ago by BobS71

greyclear greyclear Error 14 reading a pdf 346 1 1 month ago by rrchampion

a C student a C student Please share your PDF/UA-compliance experiences 2,616 13 1 month ago by gareth_glynn

kenya kenya how do i get read out loud back on adobe 9 153 1 1 month ago by CtDave

DeepakDCAS DeepakDCAS Tool or Jave API's available to convert normal pdf to accessible pdf (tagged pdf) automatically 227 2 2 months ago by a C student

nfotx6708 nfotx6708 How do I get the plug-ins necessary to save pdf files from web pages? 218 1 2 months ago by CtDave

SheliaH SheliaH Repository for Re-Usable Fillable Form Fields 214 1 2 months ago by George Johnson