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artraynor1950 artraynor1950 Dropdown box advanced item 1,101 1 8 months ago by Sujatha PJ

frashidi frashidi Why Acrobat XI really slow on OSX 10 with Retina display? 2,146 1 9 months ago by Arpit Kapoor

Rick_OShey Rick_OShey Acrobat 10.1.1: Unable to Create PDFs from Web Pages 2,884 2 1 year ago by Sandeep V.

Dave Merchant Dave Merchant Acrobat Macintosh forums are now read-only 3,552 0 2 years ago by Dave Merchant

briancairns briancairns Acrobat 10.1.1 crashes in Mac OS 10.7.2 4,748 11 2 years ago by KRDEC

BULLETPROOF NETWORKS BULLETPROOF NETWORKS Mac OS X Acrobat 8 Pro - Cannot attach PDF file to new email message 14,340 12 2 years ago by Andy Post

Phoenix89MR Phoenix89MR Can't Get pdfs to Open with Acrobat in Safari 9,890 6 2 years ago by Phoenix89MR

eyeofdali eyeofdali v9.2.0 (CPSID_50026) failed... 3,159 2 2 years ago by Stefan Wolfrum

paulkirtley paulkirtley Cannot complete update of Acrobat to version 9.4.6 4,071 4 2 years ago by Stefan Wolfrum

Greg Rowe-Dunn Greg Rowe-Dunn Acrobat 9.0 Pro Quitting Out 3,471 5 2 years ago by eclectic4

Brianna Bigaouette Brianna Bigaouette PDF images visible in Adobe but not Preview or Mac Mail's Quick Look 8,259 5 2 years ago by JR_Boulay

markymark6922 markymark6922 How to fix a SERIOUS lag issue for Acrobat and Reader on a Macbook Pro for forms? Please. 21,132 7 2 years ago by markymark6922

jayKapp jayKapp Adobe X OCR Crashes in Lion 6,115 7 2 years ago by failed_spirit

sharpmama sharpmama How do I make Acrobat 9 Pro my default pdf app? 32,487 8 2 years ago by Phillip Jones

Tinchohs Tinchohs Save as Adobe PDF mac automator workflow... 2,712 0 2 years ago by Tinchohs

Jonah_Lee Jonah_Lee Acrobat X on OS X 10.6.8 Printing Fails 7,056 11 2 years ago by psullivan19

pk4ut pk4ut Error: 1301 15,280 23 2 years ago by pk4ut

usermac usermac How to export images in Acrobat Pro X v10.x for Mac? 5,364 1 2 years ago by JR_Boulay

Brianna Bigaouette Brianna Bigaouette Why does my PDF look so CRAPPY when I print through acrobat??? 7,691 2 2 years ago by Brianna Bigaouette

RobertAlexLong RobertAlexLong Adobe on Mac want to use livecycle. 3,824 5 2 years ago by Phillip Jones

ldflkbuc943894353221 ldflkbuc943894353221 View multiple panes at once? 2,073 2 2 years ago by ldflkbuc943894353221

Mayerchak Mayerchak how to limit field entries to 1 or 3? 3,164 7 2 years ago by George Johnson

robint1974 robint1974 extracting all form fields from a fillable pdf 12,602 5 2 years ago by robint1974

Mike Gondek Mike Gondek Static Settings: Shows comments & Insert Page 2,342 3 2 years ago by Mike Gondek

Mayerchak Mayerchak editing show/hide field list via javascript 7,179 3 2 years ago by George Johnson

Scotty Diddles Scotty Diddles Interactive PDF meltdown with InDesign CS5 2,105 1 2 years ago by Dave Merchant

wtowers wtowers Go To pages by clicking page number. 1,968 1 2 years ago by Gilad D (try67)

Iftna Iftna Adding new font to Adobe Acrobat (interactive forms section) 5,607 3 2 years ago by George Johnson

CadillacSax CadillacSax Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 cannot read a pdf 13,185 3 2 years ago by ~graffiti

AnnickMongeau AnnickMongeau Acrobat Xpro - give a value to a field 2,527 1 2 years ago by George Johnson