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apitire apitire Unable to find Adobe PDF resource files/Expired Certificate 3,034 1 9 months ago by Mandeep5062

Adobe Joe Kenobi Adobe Joe Kenobi After Latest Update, Acrobat no longer works 5,851 8 1 year ago by Rave

MTB57 MTB57 Acrobat Failed to load it's core dll 5,489 5 1 year ago by Mandeep5062

(Trevor_D) Acrobat "Application Failed to Load its Core DLL" 3,673 8 1 year ago by Rave

smlengal smlengal Server product support 3,130 2 1 year ago by Sandeep V.

紫竹林散人 紫竹林散人 How to open pdf file with command? 5,302 2 1 year ago by Arpit Kapoor

zillahgorilla zillahgorilla locks on comments/reviews 7,813 3 1 year ago by Mandeep5062

merchant_6 merchant_6 Acrobat 9 Standard missing paper sizes. 7,406 1 1 year ago by LoriAUC

CLammers73 CLammers73 Page numbers incorrect after conversion from Excel to pdf 27,022 14 1 year ago by Sandeep V.

Spargonian Spargonian PDF file folder cover 11,731 5 1 year ago by Arpit Kapoor

Dave Merchant Dave Merchant Acrobat Windows forums are now read-only 15,679 0 2 years ago by Dave Merchant

robdekoch robdekoch ADA compliant PDFS versus HTML 15,471 2 2 years ago by BCM-MSY

kenrou123 kenrou123 Changing Shortcuts 8,005 1 2 years ago by Bernd Alheit

fredL in san diego fredL in san diego Adobe acrobat X fails to delete a page the first time 18,406 11 2 years ago by deploy77

engrkurt engrkurt can I use a Word bookmark as a PDF Named Destination? 6,108 4 2 years ago by engrkurt

marcelomusza marcelomusza Problem with Sharepoint - Adobe Acrobat integration (renaming files issue) 3,564 0 2 years ago by marcelomusza

Trallalala011 Trallalala011 Adobe PDF Printer - How to print in 200dpi? 4,874 2 2 years ago by Trallalala011

(Debbie_Blanchard) Mail Merge to PDF Mailer 17,039 14 2 years ago by Terminalx

ozworldz ozworldz Can't delete a page - Error - "Incorrect structure in pdf" 12,173 5 2 years ago by gunnycc

gregatodt gregatodt Large Custom Electronic Library Creation 3,147 1 2 years ago by GKaiseril

Daniel Flavin Daniel Flavin Embedded fonts not displaying Correctly 4,505 0 2 years ago by Daniel Flavin

brranndon brranndon Unable to Embed Acrobat into Word 64-bit 7,433 5 2 years ago by John T Smith

Tomchook Tomchook How to insert a preview photo on each PDF file when creating a portfolio? 5,034 9 2 years ago by jimmerry_tetra4D

asdfasdgasdfsdsdf asdfasdgasdfsdsdf Acrobat Discussion in My Adobe? 2,742 2 2 years ago by asdfasdgasdfsdsdf

FrontPage clod FrontPage clod Interruption of pdf link display 2,578 0 2 years ago by FrontPage clod

pcxtreem pcxtreem After Inserting PDF into Excel 2007 spreadsheet, it will only open once. 4,525 3 2 years ago by pcxtreem

CR-John CR-John "Insufficient data for an image" when opening file 8,483 4 2 years ago by jprobstlaw

fashionrisk1 fashionrisk1 Adobe Acrobat X - an internal error has occured 7,323 2 2 years ago by fashionrisk1

Tobynathan83 Tobynathan83 Acrobat x Pro 2,521 1 2 years ago by LoriAUC

lenahanson lenahanson Acrobat X Pro: Really slow opening files 154,701 88 2 years ago by RobMcP