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Author Status Subject Views Replies Last Post Modify Date
aj_phillips aj_phillips Broken hyperlinks after mailing 24 1 1 hour ago by George Johnson 1 hour ago
Dan Harlan Dan Harlan Custom Stamp Changing Size 34 1 2 hours ago by George Johnson 2 hours ago
llmorrell llmorrell Move the Comments Panel 40 1 23 hours ago by Gilad D (try67) 23 hours ago
VL Branko VL Branko How to increase width of comment pane in Acrobat X 39 1 23 hours ago by Gilad D (try67) 23 hours ago
Tom Beaty Tom Beaty A custom counting stamp. 1,742 5 1 day ago by Dan Harlan 1 day ago
watchmaker2 watchmaker2 Can I create a link on a word that when clicked will search for that word throughout the document? 460 19 2 days ago by Gilad D (try67) 2 days ago
Ritacat42 Ritacat42 Disabling the wireframe box. 72 1 2 days ago by Gilad D (try67) 2 days ago
qgloaf qgloaf Remove Hidden Information tool 40 0 4 days ago by qgloaf 4 days ago
woodyy woodyy Looking for third party drawing/handwriting tools 71 1 6 days ago by George Johnson 6 days ago
rpilkey rpilkey Commenting identity does not save 261 14 6 days ago by Charlene L. 6 days ago
On the road On the road Polygon Issues 168 9 6 days ago by On the road 6 days ago
CedarV CedarV Acrobat XI shuts down unexpectedly 40 0 1 week ago by CedarV 1 week ago
jjbarham jjbarham Failure to send emails when sent from Adobe file 240 5 1 week ago by Gilad D (try67) 1 week ago
CalumRoberton CalumRoberton Dynamic Watermark 115 4 1 week ago by CalumRoberton 1 week ago
kuntzmd kuntzmd online commenting problem 94 1 2 weeks ago by bob.treitman 2 weeks ago
jchoy73 jchoy73 Acrobat crashing when using button tool 120 1 2 weeks ago by Mandeep5062 2 weeks ago
mugsyman12 mugsyman12 Shared review not working for Acrobat Reader 2,608 13 2 weeks ago by OH Tech Writer 2 weeks ago
ksoltys ksoltys Readers can't comment on my PDFs 312 9 2 weeks ago by Gilad D (try67) 2 weeks ago
RossAD RossAD Highlighting text with shortcuts 116 1 2 weeks ago by Gilad D (try67) 2 weeks ago
Nikool123 Nikool123 SharePoint PDF integration via ADFS ? 82 0 2 weeks ago by Nikool123 2 weeks ago
biba.doa biba.doa Automatic numbering of comments 81 1 2 weeks ago by Gilad D (try67) 2 weeks ago
khgriffith khgriffith Scrolling IN Sticky Note comments 114 2 3 weeks ago by khgriffith 3 weeks ago
sclement67 sclement67 Settings to stay from B/W to Color when printing to pdf 82 0 3 weeks ago by sclement67 3 weeks ago
ktysdal ktysdal Is there a way to control what a contributor has access to? 71 0 3 weeks ago by ktysdal 3 weeks ago
mkf123 mkf123 How do I edit text in a comment text box in adobe acrobat pro? 94 1 3 weeks ago by Gilad D (try67) 3 weeks ago
Cooking_LIz Cooking_LIz Shared review - can't see comments from one reviewer 93 0 3 weeks ago by Cooking_LIz 3 weeks ago
jsl01 jsl01 How do I remove a stamp from favorites? 1,492 3 3 weeks ago by Kok-Yong Tan 3 weeks ago
ClanMoffat ClanMoffat Email review (attachment) query 81 1 3 weeks ago by Sabian Zildjian 3 weeks ago
bexterinni bexterinni Is there an easy way to delete all hard returns inside of a PDF comment/highlight field? 97 1 3 weeks ago by Gilad D (try67) 3 weeks ago
StephanieX StephanieX Acrobat 9.0 shared review not working after FrameMaker 11 and RoboHelp 10 are installed 83 0 4 weeks ago by StephanieX 4 weeks ago