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BlackCoffee BlackCoffee Acrobat XI won't recognize scanner 3,227 18 2 hours ago by ragamuffin101 2 hours ago
Plubbers Plubbers Create PDF from Scanner 27 1 10 hours ago by CtDave 10 hours ago
musichum musichum Editing page numbers in a pdf of a Sibelius music score 81 3 11 hours ago by CtDave 11 hours ago
froggy16187 froggy16187 Upside down pages in scanned file 29 1 16 hours ago by froggy16187 16 hours ago
StrangelyInsane StrangelyInsane Comparing Files of Scanned Documents 38 0 1 day ago by StrangelyInsane 17 hours ago
JohnSmith1957 JohnSmith1957 After scanning for a while, Acrobat stops working 2,308 12 20 hours ago by Varinder.Saini 20 hours ago
jpinter1 jpinter1 Scan Size 209 3 4 days ago by skriddles 4 days ago
VEDA VEDA how do you scan multiple documents at once to Adobe and then save them seperately 111 2 4 days ago by Varinder.Saini 4 days ago
stellroc stellroc PDF/Word 100 1 6 days ago by StacySison 5 days ago
grefghyzehgeh grefghyzehgeh Substitute Type 1 fonts in OCR documents for TrueType 89 4 5 days ago by grefghyzehgeh 5 days ago
SalvatoreFederico SalvatoreFederico Acrobat X Pro for Mac fails to scan double-sided 1,380 7 5 days ago by SalvatoreFederico 5 days ago
adobesammy4077 adobesammy4077 OCR "times out" mid scanning 186 1 6 days ago by Vikrantt Singh 6 days ago
Greendoor Greendoor Viewing subsequent pages as you scan. 47 0 6 days ago by Greendoor 6 days ago
tbear tbear ocr handwriting 54 1 1 week ago by Test Screen Name 1 week ago
TraderBill TraderBill How can you remove mirroring from the digital images of old photographs? 118 2 1 week ago by valcenius 1 week ago
valcenius valcenius "The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program." 48 0 1 week ago by valcenius 1 week ago
valcenius valcenius Acrobat pro 10.1.9 stopped being able to OCR scans 49 0 1 week ago by valcenius 1 week ago
sr18804 sr18804 Skipping to the top of the document when text selection tool selected 41 0 1 week ago by sr18804 1 week ago
grunt3 grunt3 After OCR the fonts taking up too much space 311 2 1 week ago by grunt3 1 week ago
dcd_assoc dcd_assoc Scanning issues with Acrobat X using Canon MF5750 104 1 1 week ago by CtDave 1 week ago
gold154 gold154 PDF Files Size after Scan 169 3 1 week ago by gold154 1 week ago
Yaffiuzza Yaffiuzza Change spacing between letters - "cambiare spaziatura" 87 1 1 week ago by Charlene L. 1 week ago
HelpPlease74 HelpPlease74 File size too large to email 173 1 1 week ago by Mandeep5062 1 week ago
stephsteph17 stephsteph17 OCR Docs 219 3 2 weeks ago by Varinder.Saini 2 weeks ago
Acrobat=User Acrobat=User pdf from jpg with OCR asks to "save to online account" 116 1 2 weeks ago by Bernd Alheit 2 weeks ago
Mausebein Mausebein How do I make Acrobat 11 append new scans automatic 1,174 9 2 weeks ago by Varinder.Saini 2 weeks ago
Wardah Wardah How to expedite OCR process? 97 0 2 weeks ago by Wardah 2 weeks ago
mhunsinger mhunsinger Acrobat XI Standard ramdomly crashes scanning from Fujitsu fi6770a on Win7 64 bit 344 10 2 weeks ago by mhunsinger 2 weeks ago
soundownsam soundownsam Auto naming scanned files from bar code 106 0 2 weeks ago by soundownsam 2 weeks ago
Interflex Interflex Either Scanner Driver is Not Installed or Scanner is Not Connected 101 0 2 weeks ago by Interflex 2 weeks ago