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Colbyco Colbyco Purchased your $26/annual convert pdf to word and it doesn't work 23 1 24 minutes ago by Colbyco 24 minutes ago
chgostyle1 chgostyle1 how do you move pages around in a combined pdf online. 18 0 58 minutes ago by chgostyle1 58 minutes ago
dohspc dohspc On iPad - The sight is attempting to open a pop-up window. Block or Allow 12 0 2 hours ago by dohspc 2 hours ago
FaronSP FaronSP Time out 16 0 3 hours ago by FaronSP 3 hours ago
FaronSP FaronSP PDF to PowerPoint 15 0 3 hours ago by FaronSP 3 hours ago
VyvyD VyvyD When I converted my PDF to Word the text was illegible. 20 0 4 hours ago by VyvyD 4 hours ago
richmediaworldwide richmediaworldwide : Your Adobe Order number: AD012007999 18 0 4 hours ago by richmediaworldwide 4 hours ago
Mrs. Hannon Mrs. Hannon Question 14 0 5 hours ago by Mrs. Hannon 5 hours ago
drew polk drew polk May I change typed Print now in Word? 15 0 6 hours ago by drew polk 6 hours ago
frustratedisnotavail frustratedisnotavail I paid for a subscription - but still cannot use the service 15 0 6 hours ago by frustratedisnotavail 6 hours ago
dougharvarrd dougharvarrd conversion from pdf to doc came out in what looks like programming language 17 0 9 hours ago by dougharvarrd 9 hours ago
kwcloud kwcloud how do i upload files 20 0 10 hours ago by kwcloud 10 hours ago
tbmood tbmood delete pages 13 0 10 hours ago by tbmood 10 hours ago
Marbri Marbri How do I download my convert file to my computer 22 0 12 hours ago by Marbri 12 hours ago
困ったおじさんF 困ったおじさんF 今まで見ることができた保存ファイルも、PDFファイルを開けません、 30 1 17 hours ago by Pat Willener 17 hours ago
amyw amyw Inconsistent page size after conversion 38 2 21 hours ago by amyw 21 hours ago
katsund katsund Paid can't access ExportPDF 24 0 22 hours ago by katsund 22 hours ago
phototech59sv phototech59sv conversion failure. Too large or too complex. 30 0 23 hours ago by phototech59sv 23 hours ago
grandmaberta grandmaberta Pdf file do not want 27 0 23 hours ago by grandmaberta 23 hours ago
EugenePeterson EugenePeterson What would cause failure to convert to word 25 0 23 hours ago by EugenePeterson 23 hours ago
Karl Drusch Karl Drusch How do I find my downloaded software 30 0 1 day ago by Karl Drusch 1 day ago
tbclark14 tbclark14 I get an error message when I scan a file and try to e-mail or save it as a pdf? 23 0 1 day ago by tbclark14 1 day ago
attorney attorney adobe 23 0 1 day ago by attorney 1 day ago
Branco63 Branco63 Error message during conversion process 37 0 1 day ago by Branco63 1 day ago
MarilynH MarilynH Why can I not convert my PDF to Excel? 43 2 1 day ago by MarilynH 1 day ago
NewLearner NewLearner How do I delete a couple of pages from a PDF 24 0 1 day ago by NewLearner 1 day ago
servidone servidone ADOBE XI 23 0 1 day ago by servidone 1 day ago
nhourso nhourso pdf file conversion to Word 64 3 1 day ago by Ajlan huda 1 day ago
mabuhay mabuhay excel 34 1 1 day ago by Ajlan huda 1 day ago
Letage Letage Diminuir Tamanho PDF 37 1 1 day ago by Ajlan huda 1 day ago