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Bob Heckmann Bob Heckmann Embed Cp7 .swf in Joomla 3.2 website 32 0 22 hours ago by Bob Heckmann

nestabrook nestabrook How can I create a link to download a file in Captivate? 177 7 2 days ago by Jim Leichliter

Vanboy1977 Vanboy1977 Advanced action 183 5 2 days ago by Lilybiri

seanbernardino seanbernardino Increment Variable only on first time click of a button 541 12 4 days ago by err229

JDKD69 JDKD69 Delayed visibility of objects not working 107 4 4 days ago by JDKD69

LMS_90 LMS_90 Using Java script in CP6 vs. CP7 136 3 5 days ago by Jim Leichliter

LMS_90 LMS_90 Javascript allows setting of more variables? CP7 82 1 5 days ago by TLCMediaDesign

mwells75 mwells75 Does the Resume Function work in an Aggregator Project? 122 2 1 week ago by mwells75

NeilHoskins NeilHoskins App Packager 78 1 1 week ago by RodWard

Demian.LR Demian.LR Reviewing quiz slides 474 5 1 week ago by Lilybiri

Justenuf2bdangerous Justenuf2bdangerous Creating a new text button Captivate Style file (*.cps) 303 6 1 week ago by Justenuf2bdangerous

Jon_So_Az Jon_So_Az Cannot run Captivate courses from my local drive 474 14 1 week ago by RodWard

Yaron Balkan Yaron Balkan How do I make variables maintain their value, also after the application is re-started? 117 1 1 week ago by RodWard

Justenuf2bdangerous Justenuf2bdangerous Tab behavior (and the associated 508 issues) after adding an interactive glossary 74 0 1 week ago by Justenuf2bdangerous

Burner1809 Burner1809 How do I add an effect to a SmartShape on hover? 152 3 2 weeks ago by Captiv8r

Kristen2810 Kristen2810 App Packager messing up Quiz slides 164 1 2 weeks ago by ynattirbsenaj_13

nestabrook nestabrook Problems Trimming in the middle of a Video Demo - floating cursor 93 0 2 weeks ago by nestabrook

grantmfisher grantmfisher Issues with changing themes 130 1 2 weeks ago by RodWard

Vanboy1977 Vanboy1977 Drag and Drop interactions 408 10 2 weeks ago by Vanboy1977

alvinsorianojr alvinsorianojr Flickering swfs in Captivate 6 1,052 6 2 weeks ago by alvinsorianojr

Justenuf2bdangerous Justenuf2bdangerous How can I alt tag the TOC button that appears at the top of the menu? 229 4 3 weeks ago by Justenuf2bdangerous

eeymry eeymry foreign language capabilities Captivate 7 97 0 3 weeks ago by eeymry

eeymry eeymry Right to left language support 140 2 3 weeks ago by eeymry

Tabatha Willis Tabatha Willis Click boxes not working after two attempts... 184 3 3 weeks ago by RodWard

Burner1809 Burner1809 Toggle button on Try-It disables incorrect click 799 12 3 weeks ago by RodWard

ArrrCee ArrrCee Using Flash to reach and use advanced actions made in Captivate 289 4 3 weeks ago by ArrrCee

Kristen2810 Kristen2810 Transparent Playbar in HTML5 447 9 3 weeks ago by TLCMediaDesign

xr42nv xr42nv Multi-line text input validation 374 6 3 weeks ago by xr42nv

Kristen2810 Kristen2810 Buttons stop working at end of project... 807 21 4 weeks ago by Lilybiri

richardELeach richardELeach Converted internalServerReporting from .php to .cfm 486 5 1 month ago by Jim Leichliter

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