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Leeha1.1 Leeha1.1 Edit Mouse Points--Not showing Mouse Points! 110 7 1 day ago by Lilybiri

DrLaszlo DrLaszlo Phantom text in my frames 78 5 3 days ago by DrLaszlo

cphcph cphcph Fuzzy/blurry text in Captivate 7 958 11 4 days ago by TLCMediaDesign

CorpTrainerOO CorpTrainerOO Captivate 5.5 Slide Advance Issue 88 5 1 week ago by RodWard

J Kettler J Kettler How do you fine tune an effect in Captivate 6 85 3 1 week ago by Lilybiri

Juan Carlos Quinche Juan Carlos Quinche Modificar Widget 42 0 2 weeks ago by Juan Carlos Quinche

Kdinh Kdinh Captivate 7 Drag & Drop On Failure action 200 6 2 weeks ago by Kdinh

wcampredocu wcampredocu Remove button click sound in Captivate 7 122 3 3 weeks ago by Captiv8r

tidepooler tidepooler "Visible in Output" vs. Visible 221 10 3 weeks ago by tidepooler

Snips86x Snips86x No option to Re-size project :( 156 2 4 weeks ago by Captiv8r

pjgfi pjgfi "Hide" group of slides from playbar scrubber 270 8 1 month ago by Lilybiri

Joseph_McDonald Joseph_McDonald Editing the X and Y Properties of a motion path 118 3 1 month ago by Joseph_McDonald

HelenFinney HelenFinney copy and paste issue 70 0 1 month ago by HelenFinney

Slaphappyrhm Slaphappyrhm Editing narration on multiple slides 65 0 1 month ago by Slaphappyrhm

pjgfi pjgfi [Cp] Select object from the timeline and move it on slide with cursor keys ? 245 4 1 month ago by Lilybiri

pjgfi pjgfi [Cp6] Rollover slidelet works... only after a while 108 2 1 month ago by pjgfi

pjgfi pjgfi [Cp6/7] Sliding ToC display bug 396 7 1 month ago by pjgfi

cruisecoach cruisecoach Click boxes and text captions not staying put 106 1 1 month ago by RodWard

Roenaid Roenaid Translating a captivate project into another language, 'Submit All Answers' Buttons 538 5 1 month ago by Lilybiri

pjobe01 pjobe01 Hi Guys After publishing project .... 320 3 2 months ago by Lilybiri

pjgfi pjgfi [Cp6] Timeline layers scrolling up when scrubbing 338 8 2 months ago by Lilybiri

chris_odonoghue chris_odonoghue CP7 Advanced Action stopped working 302 4 2 months ago by chris_odonoghue

ban_sidhe_az ban_sidhe_az Cannot change slide duration in software simulation 262 5 2 months ago by ban_sidhe_az

pjgfi pjgfi [Cp6] Anchors, syncing, glitches : a timeline nightmare ! 539 10 2 months ago by Lilybiri

pjgfi pjgfi [Cp6] Adding sound to slide : "Not Responding" galore 918 25 2 months ago by pjgfi

crashlyon crashlyon Different sizes of slides when published my project in .swf 151 1 2 months ago by Varun Kalra

CSXGuy CSXGuy Issues with Smart Shape Buttons 97 0 2 months ago by CSXGuy

KeepItGoing KeepItGoing White Borders Appearing (Captivate 6) 246 4 3 months ago by KeepItGoing

Beth19621 Beth19621 Captivate 5.5 text entry boxes 164 2 3 months ago by Captiv8r

pjgfi pjgfi Cannot apply edited skin to old projects 339 7 3 months ago by Lilybiri

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