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VaughnByrd21 VaughnByrd21 Re-dock timeline 1,420 4 1 day ago by TFKjones

StevenPotratz StevenPotratz Captivate 7 (current version) is crashing during sotware demo recording - help pls 60 2 2 days ago by StevenPotratz

Melrich Melrich Help 36 1 3 days ago by Captiv8r

Melrich Melrich help getting started 52 2 3 days ago by Captiv8r

gaarapata gaarapata is it safe to open a Windows Captivate file on a Mac? 32 0 4 days ago by gaarapata

Joseph_McDonald Joseph_McDonald Question on merge with background function 144 5 5 days ago by Joseph_McDonald

Jeanne2709 Jeanne2709 Loss of Close/OK button on Slide Audio's Closed Captioning tab 76 2 1 week ago by Jeanne2709

Jeanne2709 Jeanne2709 Delayed Slide Opening 212 12 1 week ago by Jeanne2709

trickyblain3 trickyblain3 Course Timer 147 4 1 week ago by trickyblain3

al_bourne al_bourne Captivate 7 Browser and Flash player requirements 71 2 1 week ago by al_bourne

Orgelements Orgelements How do you stop auto play only go to next slide on click once published Version 7 113 3 1 week ago by RodWard

SinchEid SinchEid Time Line action / Get the image in javascript. 94 1 2 weeks ago by TLCMediaDesign

janetv3 janetv3 Import audio and synch to screencast? 90 1 2 weeks ago by RodWard

7mckenna7 7mckenna7 Audio Question 116 4 3 weeks ago by 7mckenna7

kenelder48 kenelder48 Edit Preferences causes Captivate 7 to shut down 102 1 4 weeks ago by Lilybiri

mbreath mbreath "Cannot apply the new theme" error message 199 9 1 month ago by mbreath

Kristen2810 Kristen2810 How to toggle a caption? 151 4 1 month ago by Kristen2810

Tom Hanninen Tom Hanninen How do I post a Captivate 7 project in a Wordpress site? 507 14 1 month ago by elearningplugins

notlogan notlogan Page control buttons change position 96 2 1 month ago by notlogan

Kristen2810 Kristen2810 Is there a widget to insert an HTML page? 78 0 1 month ago by Kristen2810

Craigg1964 Craigg1964 How to stop flash animation pausing when project pauses 168 2 1 month ago by Craigg1964

Tinascar Tinascar New to video training 75 1 1 month ago by Lilybiri

Ryan Landman Ryan Landman Remove Playback Controls Captivate 5 86 1 1 month ago by Captiv8r

saguthrie saguthrie How do I get projects online with Captivate 7? 1,300 13 1 month ago by elearningplugins

LearnItAwl LearnItAwl Resizing panels on the right side? [Captivate 7] 148 1 1 month ago by Lilybiri

Vanboy1977 Vanboy1977 Web object widget within a lightbox 97 1 1 month ago by RodWard

baystater1 baystater1 Captivate 7 and Powerpoint 164 2 1 month ago by baystater1

Ptrcooked Ptrcooked Captivate doesn't work without admin access 747 4 1 month ago by idcynthia

Tom Hanninen Tom Hanninen Using Flash with Captivate 118 1 1 month ago by Lilybiri

wonga_pigeon wonga_pigeon Print widget 149 3 1 month ago by Lilybiri