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sejasrun sejasrun I can't download my library book onto my Nook Glow 19 0 3 hours ago by sejasrun 3 hours ago
adobereduceborrowtime adobereduceborrowtime My library allows me to borrow a book for three weeks, but when I bring it into Adobe Digital Editio 22 0 4 hours ago by adobereduceborrowtime 4 hours ago
Fred_Toon Fred_Toon Error opening file for writing - My Digital Editions - welcome.epub 27 0 10 hours ago by Fred_Toon 7 hours ago
bck0825 bck0825 too. many activations 21 0 7 hours ago by bck0825 7 hours ago
Latze Latze ADE for OS X 10.6.8 189 3 8 hours ago by Latze 8 hours ago
FREE READER FREE READER OverDrive with Memphis Shelby Co. Library 22 0 9 hours ago by FREE READER 9 hours ago
Ziminaiman Ziminaiman Adobe Digital Editions for PC 86 2 1 day ago by Ziminaiman 9 hours ago
Diva Deka Diva Deka I cann't authorize ADE with my Adobe-account 22 0 13 hours ago by Diva Deka 13 hours ago
emily colly emily colly come autorizzare la lettura dell' ebook su più computer? 22 0 13 hours ago by emily colly 13 hours ago
gruenebaeume gruenebaeume Wie kann ich anonyme Registrierung in eine mit Adobe-ID zurücksetzen? 76 1 1 week ago by John T Smith 13 hours ago
patmeqik patmeqik patmeqik 68 1 1 week ago by John T Smith 14 hours ago
Susan XXX Susan XXX Can I transfer free lib books from ADE to Nexus 7? 20 0 14 hours ago by Susan XXX 14 hours ago
Cees dp Cees dp transfer ade to new pc 21 0 16 hours ago by Cees dp 16 hours ago
warren58104 warren58104 registering my computer after declining it when I purchased my books 26 0 16 hours ago by warren58104 16 hours ago
Laurie Dolan Laurie Dolan ADE 3.0 no longer compatible with MAC OS X 10.5.8? 86 2 17 hours ago by Laurie Dolan 17 hours ago
alison4069 alison4069 Can't launch Adobe Reader 11.0.06: 'An internal error occurred' 220 0 2 months ago by alison4069 20 hours ago
Gio Phantomhive Gio Phantomhive Ayuda con mi adobe digital editions 28 0 1 day ago by Gio Phantomhive 1 day ago
mike1776 mike1776 ebook transfer failure 96 1 1 day ago by fotocat@consolidated.nett 1 day ago
Norski Norski No permission to copy the book - message 97 1 1 day ago by fotocat@consolidated.nett 1 day ago
BrissonN BrissonN Can't transfer book to device 45 0 1 day ago by BrissonN 1 day ago
Pjc Pjc Adobe digital éditions 105 1 3 days ago by Ned Murphy 1 day ago
carolejacksonmason carolejacksonmason Problem with reading NOOK from ADE 35 0 1 day ago by carolejacksonmason 1 day ago
MedJet MedJet ebook running slowly and crashing 39 0 1 day ago by MedJet 1 day ago
Dr. Shripad Dr. Shripad Text Reading problem 34 0 1 day ago by Dr. Shripad 1 day ago
Belinda Dyer Belinda Dyer I have an Adobe ID & Password, but still can't authorise my computer? 66 0 1 day ago by Belinda Dyer 1 day ago
marylou1971 marylou1971 authorize 57 0 1 day ago by marylou1971 1 day ago
ecmGG ecmGG Error! Check Activation 61 0 1 day ago by ecmGG 1 day ago
bigmax315 bigmax315 how do you switch to a vertical view? 36 0 2 days ago by bigmax315 2 days ago
hjfreeland hjfreeland Recognising an e-Reader 173 5 2 days ago by mibarbou11 2 days ago
Laurasbuffy Laurasbuffy Moving ebook to Sony ereader 50 0 2 days ago by Laurasbuffy 2 days ago