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Author Status Subject Views Replies Last Post Modify Date
Sub Vet Sub Vet Add Authorization 20 0 1 hour ago by Sub Vet 1 hour ago
ridgetown ridgetown no permission message 20 0 1 hour ago by ridgetown 1 hour ago
mbachin9 mbachin9 problem with digital edition 3.0 31 0 3 hours ago by mbachin9 3 hours ago
AnCi27 AnCi27 ADE 3.0 immediately crashes when i try to open it 22 0 8 hours ago by AnCi27 8 hours ago
Dean Wendt Dean Wendt transfer 26 0 8 hours ago by Dean Wendt 8 hours ago
Trebor10000 Trebor10000 Error message "E_ACT_NOT_READY" Adobe Digital Editions 29 0 10 hours ago by Trebor10000 10 hours ago
kma51 kma51 ADE Authorization problems 100 2 12 hours ago by fgg21670 12 hours ago
topone7 topone7 How to authorize second computer with one id 212 2 18 hours ago by Nikolasnik11 18 hours ago
Nikolasnik11 Nikolasnik11 Problem when try to use 2 computers 33 0 18 hours ago by Nikolasnik11 18 hours ago
JimInMesaAZ JimInMesaAZ Is there a way to read an epub in one column? 25 0 20 hours ago by JimInMesaAZ 20 hours ago
Madhyamaka Madhyamaka Why is the COPY function inactivated 47 0 1 day ago by Madhyamaka 1 day ago
Marie Côté Marie Côté problème 61 0 1 day ago by Marie Côté 1 day ago
Bvbharry Bvbharry I get the Information "Adobe Id has been  authorized too much" 38 0 1 day ago by Bvbharry 1 day ago
joehuntley joehuntley down loaded Library book, now want to return ebook 45 0 1 day ago by joehuntley 1 day ago
georgenawara54 georgenawara54 license key is damaged 373 1 1 day ago by Clinias 1 day ago
Paddyowen Paddyowen Sony eBook migration problem 67 0 2 days ago by Paddyowen 1 day ago
Bazsl Bazsl How read EPUB books on Android? 20,359 2 1 day ago by Angel1989 1 day ago
Helend Helend Error returning item.  E_BAD_LOAN_ID 328 2 1 day ago by sjjackson 1 day ago
sjjackson sjjackson Error message E_LIC_ALREADY_RETURNED 42 0 1 day ago by sjjackson 1 day ago
Pat Willener Pat Willener Digital Editions for Android? 34 0 1 day ago by Pat Willener 1 day ago
Aurora Pine Aurora Pine Adobe Digital Editions/Adobe Reader X conflict 31 0 2 days ago by Aurora Pine 2 days ago
BEEGEE BEEGEE How do I open a book downloaded from Adobe Digital Editions now in my Kobo when a message says it is 60 0 2 days ago by BEEGEE 2 days ago
fulbrich63 fulbrich63 digital editions 51 0 2 days ago by fulbrich63 2 days ago
jsatte3 jsatte3 PC computer will not authorize with Digital Editions 54 0 2 days ago by jsatte3 2 days ago
Emmapardoe Emmapardoe how do i download the cd audio that came with the ebook? 34 0 2 days ago by Emmapardoe 2 days ago
75Lulu 75Lulu How do I download a library book to Adobe Digital Edition instead of Adobe Reader? 243 7 2 days ago by 75Lulu 2 days ago
K J Hoodless K J Hoodless Opening the book 40 0 2 days ago by K J Hoodless 2 days ago
brslja brslja How can I Read Digital Edition files using Acrobat Reader? 39 0 2 days ago by brslja 2 days ago
IrisMaertens IrisMaertens authorizing computer doesn't stop 44 0 2 days ago by IrisMaertens 2 days ago
gseiden4 gseiden4 i cant  transfer downloaded booksto my nook.error mess says comp not authorized 44 0 2 days ago by gseiden4 2 days ago