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robert leleu robert leleu Adobe reader 9.4.2 only print the first page, although «Send for each page» in advanced settings. 95 0 2 weeks ago by robert leleu

ad_101 ad_101 Where can I find Japanese fonts for Reader 8.1.7 for Sparc Solaris 952 2 1 month ago by Dwight Raatz

sjleze sjleze problem with SSL certificate 173 1 1 month ago by sjleze

schmitta schmitta No information on how to install reader on UBUNTU Linux 194 0 1 month ago by schmitta

acassa acassa How do I reorganize tabs in Adobe Reader 9.5.5 for Linux? 155 0 1 month ago by acassa

acassa acassa Adobe Reader for Linux messing up desktop with thumbnails 153 0 1 month ago by acassa

syserss syserss Installing Acrobat 9 on ubuntu 13.10 x64 fails and ia32-libs cannot be installed 749 0 2 months ago by syserss

kamihacker kamihacker terminate called after throwing an instance of '_miExceptionInfo' 336 1 2 months ago by Test Screen Name

Verilog95 Verilog95 How to disable tooltips? 1,032 1 2 months ago by bariumbitmap

sswalker2k sswalker2k What is the tracker's process name? 620 1 3 months ago by BJ3456

Pradeep_Rayapudi Pradeep_Rayapudi Oracle E-Business Suite Not able to print pdf Report output on Paper Size Legal 280 0 4 months ago by Pradeep_Rayapudi

CampbellBoyd CampbellBoyd Reader drop-down menus have invisible content 8,858 6 4 months ago by Phillip210

opoplawski opoplawski Adobe Reader no longer in the Linux YUM repository 1,317 1 4 months ago by mwhidby

wa2say wa2say When will there be a 64-bit Linux version? 1,647 2 4 months ago by opoplawski

splash404 splash404 acroread command line issue nUp and a custom page size 739 1 5 months ago by SabrinaW

n_payne n_payne PDF portfolio search not working in Reader for Linux 685 0 6 months ago by n_payne

muff.alex muff.alex Adobe Reader 508 0 6 months ago by muff.alex

eathray eathray Having Trouble Installing Adobe Reader, Error Messages 552 0 6 months ago by eathray

Ken Dyall Ken Dyall Links between PDF files work intermittently 2,647 4 7 months ago by stargaret

Aggiesysadmin Aggiesysadmin Lack of 64-bit version of Reader 565 0 8 months ago by Aggiesysadmin Print Using Command acroread Layout Incorrect 558 0 8 months ago by

suzuki07 suzuki07 problem printing landscape for acroread on Linux 1,075 1 8 months ago by

Frieda Smit Frieda Smit Image wont print in A3 597 0 9 months ago by Frieda Smit

VV_1 VV_1 9.1.2 Properties dialog box under Print fails to open 3,519 6 9 months ago by martyvona

Zbigniew-L Zbigniew-L adobe plugin creates junk debug files: 'C:\\nppdf32Log\\debuglog.txt' 1,798 0 9 months ago by Zbigniew-L

Aqua Serpens Aqua Serpens Adobe reader won't install on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) 13,912 2 9 months ago by rajujagad

Amburi Amburi How can I disable Select Tool & enable Hand Tool using Adobe JavaScript ? 712 0 11 months ago by Amburi

thisiscarl thisiscarl How to get Adobe Reader to work in browsers on linux 1,452 1 1 year ago by Mandeep5062

JohninEncino JohninEncino Reader scrolls too fast. 5,475 2 1 year ago by CherylKenn

(Roberto-Oabe) Adobe Reader don't start. Linux. Computer 64 bits 8,955 11 1 year ago by emil_prager