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Goffer Goffer A few days ago I started having problems printing .pdf's from Reader 61 3 Less than a minute ago by ~graffiti

joe.holmes06 joe.holmes06 "Save As" prompt won't quit 205 2 3 minutes ago by ~graffiti

Not Techno Not Techno Unable to get Adobe X 215 7 9 minutes ago by Not Techno

kim197171 kim197171 wint load 14 1 22 minutes ago by Claudio González

CBJ CBJ Compressed Files 20 0 25 minutes ago by CBJ

Paul M. Zahorosky Paul M. Zahorosky Why won't Adobe Acrobat or Reader for Mac maximize on second monitor? 15 0 55 minutes ago by Paul M. Zahorosky

joseph M. joseph M. unable to open PDF Files with adobe reader VI 38 0 1 hour ago by joseph M.

wauna credit union wauna credit union Fillable Form will no longer send for part of staff 80 3 1 hour ago by ~graffiti

KayArmstrongBaker KayArmstrongBaker I need a simple answer to simple question:  How do I convert a word? 39 2 2 hours ago by ~graffiti

mfaber52 mfaber52 Internet Explorer and Reader XI 54 1 2 hours ago by ChuckN

Pavel314 Pavel314 Unable to fill out interactive form fields in the pdf form. 21 0 2 hours ago by Pavel314

shagy27 shagy27 incompatibility with system configuration 33 1 3 hours ago by Test Screen Name

Yogisd1 Yogisd1 Double reader 68 2 3 hours ago by Yogisd1

ChristieJ ChristieJ Emails not being sent 42 2 3 hours ago by ChristieJ

dahlia dahlia print selection problem 38 0 4 hours ago by dahlia

Ahmed Saeed Ahmed Saeed save report 86 5 4 hours ago by Ahmed Saeed

DrHall DrHall Submit Form Via Webmail Is Not Creating Email In Drafts Folder 22 0 4 hours ago by DrHall

Johnnynovice Johnnynovice Can't convert an originally Word doc from PDF back to Word 66 3 4 hours ago by Johnnynovice

Graham Richings Graham Richings Reading a document 38 1 5 hours ago by ~graffiti

Exasperated Exasperated Adobe Reader 9 23 0 5 hours ago by Exasperated

bullfrog69 bullfrog69 Problems opening a pdf file after updating 178 2 6 hours ago by bullfrog69

Desert_Vets Desert_Vets Downloading Adobe Reader 29 0 6 hours ago by Desert_Vets

HRMDDS HRMDDS full downloads 47 1 6 hours ago by Claudio González

ruthabaga27 ruthabaga27 Erreur de pays dans Mon Adobe 32 1 6 hours ago by Claudio González

DirtSensei DirtSensei Pdf only opens first page in Browser. 27 0 6 hours ago by DirtSensei

Yogi27 Yogi27 question 23 0 7 hours ago by Yogi27

ahmelody ahmelody CID indentity H font unreadable. 24 0 7 hours ago by ahmelody

Jungle G Jungle G installing 68 1 7 hours ago by Rave

atsstillme atsstillme multiple pdfs open 40 1 7 hours ago by Bernd Alheit

jake0574 jake0574 Acrobat 11.0.06 crashes with text fields in forms 87 4 7 hours ago by jake0574