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ACExplorer ACExplorer How to create custom fields on a sco?(Let say Location or Region) 66 0 1 week ago by ACExplorer 1 week ago
smt108 smt108 Display array data from web service in a List box with XML 136 1 1 month ago by Jorma Jennings 1 month ago
gnieboer2 gnieboer2 Interact directly with chat via XML? 202 1 3 months ago by Jorma Jennings 3 months ago
georgerandall georgerandall Retrieving a recorded meeting 353 1 4 months ago by Jorma Jennings 4 months ago
murat murat Creating seminar session using api 390 0 6 months ago by murat 6 months ago
palanivelu samudi palanivelu samudi XML Log out API 787 2 8 months ago by palanivelu samudi 8 months ago
gtg gtg How to create Audio Profiles 1,635 1 1 year ago by Robau10 1 year ago
Gurpreetkaur Gurpreetkaur Reg. web services 1,255 0 1 year ago by Gurpreetkaur 1 year ago
EduardoAlonso EduardoAlonso Unexpected file in Adobe Connect search 1,646 1 1 year ago by EduardoAlonso 1 year ago
matt_lammp matt_lammp Get Interactions reports data via XML API 1,574 0 1 year ago by matt_lammp 1 year ago
Paul@Absolute Paul@Absolute Calculating status... Connect workflow triggers? 1,203 0 1 year ago by Paul@Absolute 1 year ago
hashamasgharSEECS hashamasgharSEECS Load Dynamic (constantly changing) XML Data to List in Flex 1,570 0 1 year ago by hashamasgharSEECS 1 year ago
Steve @ Footsteps Steve @ Footsteps Flash plugin not loading xml in Firefox 12 on OSX 10.6 1,594 0 1 year ago by Steve @ Footsteps 1 year ago
Konstantin E Konstantin E how can i invite user to meeting? 1,416 0 2 years ago by Konstantin E 2 years ago
Jonathan Fortis Jonathan Fortis send  webpage data from a php database or form to a printable PDF 1,445 0 2 years ago by Jonathan Fortis 2 years ago
NeroZXP NeroZXP Calculating status... Update XML Source Button 1,937 1 2 years ago by moon_man112233435 2 years ago
vinayagaaaaa vinayagaaaaa Calculating status... xml 1,648 1 2 years ago by yonekings 2 years ago
sivaciti sivaciti How to set source for openzoom:multiscaleimage 1,536 0 2 years ago by sivaciti 2 years ago
gabal gabal SCO Redirect 1,439 0 3 years ago by gabal 3 years ago
borngrow01 borngrow01 export indesign tables to xml 1,641 0 3 years ago by borngrow01 3 years ago
Coursesbywire Coursesbywire Running lessons from XML API 1,261 0 3 years ago by Coursesbywire 3 years ago
iDx_Ravi iDx_Ravi Need help on generating XML based on the components created. 1,319 0 3 years ago by iDx_Ravi 3 years ago
wfellner wfellner report API calls (hosted service) - database update interval 1,601 1 3 years ago by Connectionist 3 years ago
ol\' shwinty ol\' shwinty Calculating status... Find a meeting's sco-id from within a meeting 4,056 5 3 years ago by Ben142 3 years ago
bjcamp95 bjcamp95 action for recording 1,926 0 6 years ago by bjcamp95 3 years ago
quien22 quien22 New to Breeze 1,582 0 7 years ago by quien22 3 years ago
sprak3000 sprak3000 Problem with sco-search - unexpected results returned 1,804 0 7 years ago by sprak3000 3 years ago
gofar gofar load xml in share pod (swf) 1,710 0 7 years ago by gofar 3 years ago
Adobe Connect Exch.Admin Adobe Connect Exch.Admin Calculating status... Go to to ask questions 2,040 0 5 years ago by Adobe Connect Exch.Admin 3 years ago
SiAVeL SiAVeL Test module 1,267 0 3 years ago by SiAVeL 3 years ago