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Teacher Sarah Teacher Sarah Help!!  Can't publish my presentation! 25 0 23 hours ago by Teacher Sarah

SharonEV SharonEV Presenter 8 Add In keeps on disabling or disappearing in add ins.  How do I fix? 26 0 1 day ago by SharonEV

Unique1234 Unique1234 Hyperlinks to URL added in course in Adobe Presenter 9 does not open. 58 1 2 days ago by Jorma Jennings

courtmc8 courtmc8 SWF embedded files blank until click on them.  Presenter 9 93 3 2 days ago by Jorma Jennings

Unique1234 Unique1234 Audio feedback for wrong answer in Sequence and Hot Spot Questions 74 3 2 days ago by Jorma Jennings

IMSACIO IMSACIO Requesting documentation or tool(s) to create a completely silent installation of Adobe Presenter 9 108 2 2 days ago by Mayank_M

viking101 viking101 PowerPoint crashes when using Presenter 8 84 1 2 days ago by Mayank_M

rpanetti rpanetti Videos play on hard drive but not on web 1,068 10 3 days ago by Jorma Jennings

captain_safety2000 captain_safety2000 What is required of end user to access presenter presentation 302 7 3 days ago by Mstpierre112

J. Verlik J. Verlik Replacing splash text Adobe Presenter - v9 81 2 3 days ago by J. Verlik

markscher markscher Big Tab On Search Panel for Quizzes 590 9 5 days ago by Robert_Edgar

sticklen sticklen Keynote 6, PPT, and Presenter 50 0 5 days ago by sticklen

Unique1234 Unique1234 "Attachment" button from the Adobe Player 144 3 6 days ago by Unique1234

hung hung Presenter 9 32 bit installer? 90 1 1 week ago by Jorma Jennings

NativeVermonter NativeVermonter Presenter 8 delay during playback 58 0 1 week ago by NativeVermonter

Hugh_Jasss Hugh_Jasss Audio/Animation sync tool not allowing import of script 156 1 1 week ago by RajeevAdobe

Mstpierre112 Mstpierre112 Adobe Presenter Video Express - project file save location? 169 1 1 week ago by RajeevAdobe

StefanSx StefanSx Presenter forces permanentely the file save dialog even for unchanged documents 81 0 1 week ago by StefanSx

Saznu Saznu Unable to install Adobe Presenter 9, download from Akamai Netsession 199 2 1 week ago by Saznu

PharmaCom PharmaCom 58-min imported wav audio appears as several repeats of 1st 10 min 232 4 2 weeks ago by PharmaCom

jttjjttj jttjjttj Presenter install 363 7 2 weeks ago by Mayank_M

OrgSpan Tech Writer OrgSpan Tech Writer Why doesn't Presenter see that I have a USB microphone attached? 348 9 2 weeks ago by Jorma Jennings

J M Carter PEA J M Carter PEA Interactions are not working in Adobe Connect when presentation is uploaded/shared 704 2 2 weeks ago by Megan_TCI

ejwn ejwn "Not connected to the Internet" - YES I AM! 4,365 14 2 weeks ago by VikasMahajan

starwishing starwishing Error message with Presenter 8 Accordian Interaction 94 0 2 weeks ago by starwishing

J Yas J Yas Is there a way to capture a students response and view it in the learning dashboard 314 3 3 weeks ago by J Yas

wb9876 wb9876 How do I disable both analytics and collaboration in presenter 9 227 3 3 weeks ago by Krupesh Faldu

rsaTIC rsaTIC REVIEW Button 191 2 3 weeks ago by rsaTIC

paulrama paulrama Presenter 9 + PPT 2013 (32-bit) + Windows 8.1 319 2 3 weeks ago by RajeevAdobe

StefanSx StefanSx No synchronization for inserted video 183 1 3 weeks ago by Jorma Jennings