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gspor gspor Odd stripey artifact in my pulgin's output 75 3 16 hours ago by françois leroy

shaahink shaahink Develop plugin using C# 79 1 2 days ago by shachar carmi

fusepilot fusepilot IterateSuite in AEIO 42 0 2 days ago by fusepilot

wil_ wil_ How to detect if input image has changed 49 1 2 days ago by wil_

hagmas hagmas Bezier curve conversion between value graph and speed graph 606 3 6 days ago by hagmas

Arie Stavchansky Arie Stavchansky Project files crash after adding new parameters to an effect plugin 256 6 1 week ago by shachar carmi

Toby (reduxFX) Toby (reduxFX) How to prevent parameter value saving (for a trial/demo plugin) 845 27 1 week ago by Arie Stavchansky

impsnldavid impsnldavid Update OutputInfo Text 53 0 2 weeks ago by impsnldavid

aadato aadato ProjDumper : {unexpected match name searched for in group} ( 29 :: 0 ) 506 13 2 weeks ago by aadato

thenes thenes Expanding Text Layer Size 192 2 2 weeks ago by thenes

shibin.chris shibin.chris Can I just limit user can only modify the x value of a point? 145 2 2 weeks ago by shibin.chris

wil_ wil_ Avoid slowness caused by many PF_ChangeFlag_CHANGED_VALUE flags 419 17 2 weeks ago by wil_

Andyways Andyways Hiding layers, seems possible, but getting errors 187 5 2 weeks ago by shachar carmi

Andyways Andyways How to keep custom drawbot ui visible in comp window even if applied effect is not selected? 296 6 2 weeks ago by Andyways

drewiss drewiss After Effects SDK 6 Skeleton Example Pixel load 223 6 2 weeks ago by drewiss

françois leroy françois leroy Forward mapping 178 6 2 weeks ago by françois leroy

impsnldavid impsnldavid AEIO: How do I get the actual FPS value? 127 1 3 weeks ago by Zac Lam

adatoa adatoa Get a font's file name from the font's postscript name (on Windows) 335 1 3 weeks ago by Luis Morcillo

danielforrest danielforrest Getting started 246 7 4 weeks ago by shachar carmi

(Chris_Demiris) Font Info for Text Layers 1,108 3 1 month ago by aadato

martin-mi martin-mi Is it possible to create Qt Widgets inside After Effects using the SDK? 388 13 1 month ago by Toby (reduxFX)

philrosenberg2013 philrosenberg2013 Can I save in_data->pica_basicP? 102 2 1 month ago by philrosenberg2013

P.Stelzer P.Stelzer AE Transition Extensions transition duration 136 2 1 month ago by P.Stelzer

P.Stelzer P.Stelzer How to pass data between CPU-side and GPU-side of an AE Transition Extension Plugin 202 4 1 month ago by P.Stelzer

Bart Walczak Bart Walczak How do I use RGBtoHLS for PF_PixelFloat? 223 7 1 month ago by Bart Walczak

Toby (reduxFX) Toby (reduxFX) Sequence setup commands in AE/PPro 152 1 1 month ago by Toby (reduxFX)

Bluesabre20 Bluesabre20 Z Height for Individual Pixels in a Layer 157 3 1 month ago by shachar carmi

krautsourced krautsourced User interface for AEGP 327 7 1 month ago by shachar carmi

thenes thenes Image / Logo in Parameter 2,470 25 1 month ago by gspor

gspor gspor Can my plugin detect whether or not we're in a Linearized working space? 115 1 1 month ago by shachar carmi