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marydesigns marydesigns Adobe AIR problems keeping Muse from installing - Can't install, uninstall or fix AIR 350 6 1 day ago by marydesigns 1 day ago
Squires Squires Elder Scrolls Online and Adobe AIR 340 4 2 days ago by LandEi 2 days ago
Mach Mach Can not install Adobe AIR 4.0 win7 64bit 234 2 5 days ago by DaleBj 5 days ago
WilAmaze WilAmaze Calculating status... No Icon appears in apps when downloading Adobe Air onto Windows 8 computer. 44 0 6 days ago by WilAmaze 6 days ago
princeadvantage princeadvantage Calculating status... Adobe Air, cannot find it 106 1 1 week ago by kglad 1 week ago
Russ_E Russ_E updating air sdk for flash builder and flash professional 40 0 1 week ago by Russ_E 1 week ago
Hunlight Hunlight Calculating status... Prblem installing please help 214 0 3 weeks ago by Hunlight 3 weeks ago
nikrogers nikrogers Calculating status... adobe air 197 1 3 weeks ago by kglad 3 weeks ago
Marco65 Marco65 Calculating status... AIR error message 177 0 3 weeks ago by Marco65 3 weeks ago
t.stac4 t.stac4 ok so i tried downloading adobe air, but i cannot find it anywhere on my computer. any help? 151 1 3 weeks ago by Pat Willener 3 weeks ago
Quaggie Quaggie Calculating status... After uninstalling Air unable to reinstall 101 0 3 weeks ago by Quaggie 3 weeks ago
mccarp54 mccarp54 Calculating status... Download Air 254 3 4 weeks ago by Pat Willener 3 weeks ago
lhoffman1108 lhoffman1108 Calculating status... install trouble with AIR 163 0 1 month ago by lhoffman1108 1 month ago
jkirchge jkirchge Calculating status... Adobe Air 161 0 1 month ago by jkirchge 1 month ago
jkirchge jkirchge Adobe Air 130 0 1 month ago by jkirchge 1 month ago
IslandDeveloper IslandDeveloper Calculating status... Determine version of air runtime from web page? 85 0 1 month ago by IslandDeveloper 1 month ago
notaharley notaharley I cannot install Adobe Air into my Samsung Tab3.  I get error code "-24" 741 5 1 month ago by Pat Willener 1 month ago
mountainm mountainm Calculating status... AIR4 fails to install/uninstall Windows 7 171 0 1 month ago by mountainm 1 month ago
AvisT AvisT Calculating status... Adobe Air install failure, error code '24' 1,847 5 1 month ago by idsl 1 month ago
Aundrea19 Aundrea19 Calculating status... it keepscsaying everytime I try to download it app already exists please help me 94 0 1 month ago by Aundrea19 1 month ago
tofig tofig Calculating status... Install is giving an error with code 24 230 0 1 month ago by tofig 1 month ago
jbeane jbeane Calculating status... Win 8.1 Adobe Air installation problem 166 0 1 month ago by jbeane 1 month ago
RyanOBrian1 RyanOBrian1 Calculating status... Error installing Salesforce Chatter via Adobe Air 670 2 1 month ago by RyanOBrian1 1 month ago
Youtch Youtch What is the capability between AIR 4.0 and Android <=2.3.3 ? 262 1 1 month ago by Youtch 1 month ago
little french boy little french boy Calculating status... adobe air on razr i 120 0 1 month ago by little french boy 1 month ago
jasonfow jasonfow Calculating status... adobe air for tablet 269 0 2 months ago by jasonfow 2 months ago
jasonfow jasonfow Adobe Air Surface RT windows 8.1 188 0 2 months ago by jasonfow 2 months ago
warrenf warrenf Calculating status... need help getting adobe air to run on windows 138 0 2 months ago by warrenf 2 months ago
MonsieurFishy MonsieurFishy Calculating status... Adobe AIR compatible devices/versions? 196 0 2 months ago by MonsieurFishy 2 months ago
redcee redcee Calculating status... Adobe Air + Asus Memo Pad 302C issue 157 0 2 months ago by redcee 2 months ago