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Vinrock Vinrock OMG, after last AIR update before current ALL my AIR apps will not work, HELP! 43 2 6 minutes ago by Anton Azarov

LilGames LilGames Why does my Adobe AIR app freezes on Ipad Air ? 44 2 8 minutes ago by Anton Azarov

Anton Azarov Anton Azarov iOS Camera bug with orientation :( 69 0 1 day ago by Anton Azarov

notmoresca notmoresca cannot install app on ios 7:  PackageInspectionFailed,  did not have bundle identifier 6,987 20 1 day ago by guiyom20

EastMan EastMan iOS 7 background audio? 75 1 3 days ago by Nimisha1

Davide Birra Davide Birra AIR Webkit upgrade 1,463 10 4 days ago by obbsoftware

Gaius Coffey Gaius Coffey Cannot log in to bug base. 88 1 4 days ago by Chris Campbell

KiNgEyK KiNgEyK Android app for Adobe AIR 'Locks Up' 3,361 13 6 days ago by AIRdeveloper

GregNeagle GregNeagle Adobe AIR 13 127 1 1 week ago by Chris Campbell

pol2095 pol2095 Android, backspace doesn't work properly in a flash.text.TextField 412 9 1 week ago by Jitender thakur

gksa12 gksa12 Bad performance playing sound on iPad 56 0 2 weeks ago by gksa12

mhandze mhandze adobe air doesn't submit updated content from ckeditor 111 0 2 weeks ago by mhandze

abeymg abeymg Bug 3645241 status update 733 10 3 weeks ago by abeymg

ramil1219 ramil1219 OSMF in AIR has video disapper when switching to fullscreen using AIR runtime 3.8 and above 174 2 3 weeks ago by ramil1219

udik udik unable to deliver  iphone5  app with application loader 157 1 3 weeks ago by Chris Campbell

sentoplene sentoplene Fatal crash with StageText on Android? 3,079 16 3 weeks ago by Jitender thakur

gksa12 gksa12 Animation slow on different iPad devices 98 0 3 weeks ago by gksa12

Gaius Coffey Gaius Coffey Video truncation: this is still a critical business issue for us 77 0 3 weeks ago by Gaius Coffey

cgunnaus cgunnaus Soft keyboard not showing on Dell Latitude 10 tablet 112 0 3 weeks ago by cgunnaus

72Pantera 72Pantera Air is Dead 23,965 222 3 weeks ago by speakaboo-steve

michelangelo.capraro michelangelo.capraro Type Coercion failures with MovieClips in ASC 2.0 1,016 10 3 weeks ago by Gio_Nadirashvili

Joux Rose Joux Rose Crash on iPad 3 & 4 + ios7 with AIR 4 94 0 3 weeks ago by Joux Rose

Keith Lee Keith Lee Compile Warning After Upgrading to AIR 4.0 139 1 3 weeks ago by Keith Lee

abeymg abeymg Fatal Error when packaging ipa with AIR 4.0 148 1 1 month ago by nimitja

MariusVersteegen MariusVersteegen Air 4 Sdk  icon <image60x60> not supported for Ios7 486 6 1 month ago by MariusVersteegen

danilo900 danilo900 Air on Android 4.0.4 Error 3,467 27 1 month ago by Jeffrey Adams

BanyLee BanyLee Chinese characters are displayed as blank box on the TextField in The new HTC One with Android 4.4.2 77 0 1 month ago by BanyLee

AllanPadgett AllanPadgett File.copyTo (and copyToAsync) extremely slow on Android. e.g. 1/2 second per tiny XML file. Help? 1,733 14 1 month ago by timoru_1219

inxin inxin Error when running captive runtime .exe from root directory of drive. 109 1 1 month ago by inxin

Ryanwli Ryanwli serverSocket delay raise socketData event on mac os x 10.9.2 103 0 1 month ago by Ryanwli