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C. Blake C. Blake Quick (floating) Audio level control gone. How do I reenable it? 42 1 9 hours ago by ryclark

CGroucutt CGroucutt Unshrink Audition workspace? 57 2 13 hours ago by CGroucutt

NiceGlasses NiceGlasses .mov file opens as audio track when dragged to timeline 54 1 17 hours ago by ryclark

JLind JLind Audio Video Sync Problems 120 2 21 hours ago by ryclark

JanLey JanLey How can I make the layer size the same size as the selection the layer is created from? 68 1 1 day ago by SteveG(AudioMasters)

MrBloo MrBloo Volume gain batch edit without normalization 104 5 1 day ago by SteveG(AudioMasters)

WZEP AM 1460 WZEP AM 1460 Audition 3.01 HUD not showing 159 6 1 day ago by _durin_

Donny Bradfield Donny Bradfield Advice needed on setting up AA CS6 for a 2 hour live recording 136 6 1 day ago by SteveG(AudioMasters)

LuigiVercotti LuigiVercotti Cooledit2000 will no longer run :-( 3,052 17 1 day ago by MellishR

ISCAW ISCAW Opening cell phone audio 1,045 3 2 days ago by pedrogawdin

jack03103 jack03103 Multiple attempts needed to start Audition CS6 94 2 2 days ago by SteveG(AudioMasters)

barndog917 barndog917 Audio Distortion Issue 78 1 2 days ago by ryclark

Sven_80 Sven_80 Guitar Interface Peavey Xport output problem in Audition CS 5.5 86 1 2 days ago by ryclark

Thomas Deeny Thomas Deeny Audition CC: New headset, no sound 50 0 2 days ago by Thomas Deeny

aphjeh04 aphjeh04 I did a Windows 7 System Restore, now Audition isn't available and can't re download 179 4 3 days ago by aphjeh04

FlickerLab FlickerLab Extract mp3 xmp Marker startTime to csv file 76 0 3 days ago by FlickerLab

Yesirc Yesirc why is MME playing much better than ASIO4ALL 149 3 3 days ago by ryclark

shagenlv shagenlv freezing in audition 3 118 1 4 days ago by Bob Howes

Alaskabasil Alaskabasil Audition CC freezes then crashes consistently after 1hr recording time. 82 0 4 days ago by Alaskabasil

kingery12 kingery12 Adobe audition stopped working 93 1 4 days ago by _durin_

Phoenix_Feet Phoenix_Feet Audition CS6 Wacom tablet issue 5,660 27 4 days ago by _durin_

JSGoud JSGoud Sample rates do not match 438 16 4 days ago by SteveG(AudioMasters)

PaulCooke PaulCooke Matching Tone 186 2 5 days ago by PaulCooke

Preutz Preutz Make waveforms bigger in audition 703 7 6 days ago by SteveG(AudioMasters)

chimmy58 chimmy58 can adobe audition creat a .vox file   ?   if so how ?  if not, any suggestions 143 1 1 week ago by Charles VW

Michael Putrino Michael Putrino How often are updates made to Audition CC 207 3 1 week ago by SteveG(AudioMasters)

mstuart1963 mstuart1963 In editing audio, I select a particular amount of audio and try to do a command but only 3.5 seconds 98 1 1 week ago by ryclark

Tim de la Torre Tim de la Torre Adobe Audition CC re-linking issue 268 8 1 week ago by SuiteSpot

Joey DiFazio Joey DiFazio CS6 - Exporting effects rack presets to Ext HD? 149 2 1 week ago by Joey DiFazio

Dr. D. A. Waite Dr. D. A. Waite I used the chat room to find out how to get an update for auditon 2.0.  They said I should use 3.0. 116 3 1 week ago by SteveG(AudioMasters)