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Miaho Miaho TreeView controls 507 7 3 weeks ago by xiaoyuandlg

Crughp Crughp Authorware 160 2 3 weeks ago by Crughp

NafeezC2IL NafeezC2IL Need help in converting authorware files to HTML5 156 1 1 month ago by Erik Lord

mkellermann mkellermann Windows 8.1: Error in the presentation of the Authorware-plugin window, clipping 1,224 10 2 months ago by mkellermann

StephenCWLL StephenCWLL Redistributing Authorware Web Player 361 3 3 months ago by StephenCWLL

mjw1024 mjw1024 Get list of files in a folder within a date range 161 1 3 months ago by Michael V Baker

IvanMJ IvanMJ Full version of Click Craft Find & Fix 398 1 4 months ago by mjw1024

susan7384 susan7384 Permission to access this file denied 968 11 5 months ago by susan7384

Jeanette Jeanette Export text from AW 70 535 2 7 months ago by GrenadaV

GrenadaV GrenadaV Are there many people still developing in Authorware 647 4 8 months ago by GrenadaV

Steve Newell Steve Newell Does Adobe plan to release a 64 bit version of the Authorware Web Player? 758 4 8 months ago by Michael V Baker

FVMF FVMF How to measure the time the cursor hovered over an hot spot 725 2 1 year ago by FVMF

Adobe listing Adobe listing FileIO.x32 stopped working on 1 machine - why? 874 4 1 year ago by Adobe listing

monroepro monroepro authorware assignment 467 1 1 year ago by Michael V Baker

Leidenresearch Leidenresearch How to use a .gif file in authorware 612 2 1 year ago by Erik Lord

Leidenresearch Leidenresearch How to display 2 decision icons simultaneously 540 1 1 year ago by Michael V Baker

MichaelMarcell MichaelMarcell A7: simultaneous timed display and textbox? 821 5 1 year ago by MichaelMarcell

Biddoo Biddoo Error: "Authorware Runtime has stopped working" 3,529 8 1 year ago by hoenhyme

FVMF FVMF Limiting mouse movements in Authorware 1,347 9 1 year ago by FVMF

webacity webacity WIndows 7 and authorware 7 4,874 6 1 year ago by AndysMason

FVMF FVMF Sockets in authorware 464 0 1 year ago by FVMF

FVMF FVMF Location and size of hotspot in a packaged file 1,271 5 1 year ago by FVMF

antbegon antbegon Does Mac OSX Lion and leopard allow Authorware shockwaved programs to run? 708 1 1 year ago by Jeff A Wright

Anna89 Anna89 Time limit is not working correctly 697 1 1 year ago by Johann Fouche

mjw1024 mjw1024 Windows 8 Install 1,043 1 1 year ago by Steve Howard, ACP

WaltHansmannCPLP WaltHansmannCPLP Authorware course does not send "finish" command to LMS 2,434 7 1 year ago by Steve Howard, ACP

aliciaa1214 aliciaa1214 authorware macromedia problem 901 2 1 year ago by Steve Howard, ACP

FVMF FVMF Corrupt erase icons 1,432 6 1 year ago by Erik Lord

bright-water bright-water eLearning and Authorware in 2012 2,881 8 1 year ago by Erik Lord

Scott - TNC Scott - TNC Is there a maximum size or limit of text file when storing and transferring data? 4,227 11 1 year ago by Steve Howard, ACP