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absoluteexhibits absoluteexhibits OUTPUT - Contact Sheets - To Include Metadata & Dimensions 1,091 0 2 years ago by absoluteexhibits

tweakit007 tweakit007 Adobe Bridge - Search By Color 932 0 2 years ago by tweakit007

mcyrud mcyrud Batch renaming lots of files without zeroes (0065) and without 1(2), 2(2) 2,022 2 2 years ago by mcyrud

Marcus Koch Marcus Koch My #1: Editable Addressbar 1,125 3 2 years ago by Paul Riggott

otherideas otherideas Purple label shortcut -- and "white" labels... 1,580 1 3 years ago by Todd LeVeck

Keoni Dibelka Keoni Dibelka Keyboard Shortcuts 664 0 3 years ago by Keoni Dibelka

AAAAAAAtech AAAAAAAtech integrate google adsense 610 0 3 years ago by AAAAAAAtech

CMGLang CMGLang Is there a way to save MY workspace the way I want it? 658 0 3 years ago by CMGLang

Jowry Jowry Adding non-Adobe file formats metadata 816 1 3 years ago by Jingshu Li

jackthegiantslayer jackthegiantslayer Bridge MUST KEEP ORIGINAL FILES NAMES when creating a web gallery. 958 1 3 years ago by wiskerke

Paul Stark Paul Stark Audio length column in Bridge CS4? 686 0 3 years ago by Paul Stark

polyxo polyxo adding Preview for custom File-Formats? 846 1 3 years ago by polyxo

vh2 vh2 thumbnail and preview transparency 894 1 3 years ago by Frau_Holle

Nancy Wirsig McClure-UGM Nancy Wirsig McClure-UGM Display previews of SVG files (thumbnails) 2,996 6 3 years ago by Mobius Strip

NGshooter NGshooter MXF Aware 572 0 3 years ago by NGshooter

Phil Pritchard Phil Pritchard Image Sizes in Bridge - Help!!!! 607 0 3 years ago by Phil Pritchard

iPee001 iPee001 Synonyms on Adobe Bridge CS4 733 0 3 years ago by iPee001

(Eskander) Upload pictures directly from Bridge to Flickr or other photo sharing site. 6,686 3 3 years ago by anne_stahl

otis3d otis3d PICASA Upload Support 1,359 0 3 years ago by otis3d

Bojan Živković Bojan Živković Send by Email and watch video in Compact Mode 1,406 4 3 years ago by Bojan Živković

ghost zero ghost zero Choose accent color for hovered icons when using dark interface in Bridge? 731 0 3 years ago by ghost zero

TonyField TonyField Bridge 5 operational bug Part 2 UPDATED 1,260 2 3 years ago by TonyField

TonyField TonyField Command line option to specify Bridge master cache 918 0 3 years ago by TonyField

sharkcellar sharkcellar Viewing animated GIF's in Bridge 6,766 13 3 years ago by Ricky-T

TonyField TonyField Bridge 5 operational bug? 651 0 3 years ago by TonyField

(Michael_ch_Hall) Histograms with preview images in Bridge 808 1 3 years ago by JfromSA

k.loy k.loy "Place into Photoshop" with multiple files 2,520 1 3 years ago by jarman672000

Rafal1911 Rafal1911 Show length of audio (wav) files and small graph in the preview. 628 0 3 years ago by Rafal1911

(dexterbland) Customize metadata panel 849 3 3 years ago by Tim Murray

brandonkboswell brandonkboswell Indesign Place Import Options 641 0 3 years ago by brandonkboswell