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DandyDahlia DandyDahlia Shopping Cart - Show discount code is applied and the discount amount (only when entered) 35 0 3 days ago by DandyDahlia 3 days ago
AlexandreKrabbe AlexandreKrabbe Calculating status... Paymente Gateway 44 0 4 days ago by AlexandreKrabbe 4 days ago
web2ition web2ition Calculating status... Site won't redirect to default url after checkout (stays on 65 0 1 week ago by web2ition 1 week ago
heshy c heshy c Automatic discount without entering coupon code 96 4 1 week ago by heshy c 1 week ago
will_in_KC will_in_KC Is Heartbleed something we or our customers need to be worried about? 225 3 1 week ago by Liam Dilley 1 week ago
Greg Stoll Greg Stoll Calculating status... Payment Gateway Alternatives 1,009 9 1 week ago by flDevGuy 1 week ago
gertjunes gertjunes Please add 3D secure to the Ogone Payment Gateway 554 12 1 week ago by fab74 1 week ago
Googooboyy Googooboyy Calculating status... Can customers purchase store credit and use them for future purchases? 63 1 1 week ago by Liam Dilley 1 week ago
webappsinmap webappsinmap Calculating status... Problems with shipping calculations 1,300 12 1 week ago by TheBCMan 1 week ago
DandyDahlia DandyDahlia Different layouts for different catalogues? 124 2 2 weeks ago by DandyDahlia 2 weeks ago
getyler3 getyler3 Problems using BC eCommerce for inventory control only 335 5 2 weeks ago by getyler3 2 weeks ago
zumek zumek Calculating status... One-step checkout, possible? 121 2 3 weeks ago by zumek 3 weeks ago
Brinaland Brinaland Calculating status... Several customers have been double-charged. Help. 63 0 3 weeks ago by Brinaland 3 weeks ago
Jnohn Marcus Jnohn Marcus Calculating status... Hide attributes based on stock level 211 2 3 weeks ago by MariaFo 3 weeks ago
tinedsch tinedsch Calculating status... How to create shops in your website shop? 94 1 3 weeks ago by Sidney Mitchell 3 weeks ago
Archnmsis Archnmsis Calculating status... Credit Card Failed - Invoice Number Not Found 166 4 3 weeks ago by Liam Dilley 3 weeks ago
flippdesigns flippdesigns styling the {tag_relatedproductslist} 134 1 3 weeks ago by Bengeri 3 weeks ago
snarzom12 snarzom12 Item count in BC eCommerce product list 201 6 4 weeks ago by snarzom12 4 weeks ago
ushanbb ushanbb Is it always the case that the product list view will be nested in ul or table? 169 3 1 month ago by Liam Dilley 1 month ago
kleynzscot kleynzscot Personalised Product 106 2 1 month ago by kleynzscot 1 month ago
Brinaland Brinaland Timing of orders is inaccurate! 178 4 1 month ago by mario_gudelj 1 month ago
PROSPECTLTD PROSPECTLTD Calculating status... e-commerce for photography 124 1 1 month ago by Sidney Mitchell 1 month ago
Brendon Coetzer Brendon Coetzer Country Detection for URL redirect (Shopping Cart) 157 2 1 month ago by Brendon Coetzer 1 month ago
studiomigo studiomigo Adding modules to a product description 375 4 1 month ago by Liam Dilley 1 month ago
mustangmele mustangmele Calculating status... Pricing Structure Question 82 0 1 month ago by mustangmele 1 month ago
Sébastien1979 Sébastien1979 Calculating status... Price Formatting of {tag_attributes} 149 2 1 month ago by Sébastien1979 1 month ago
flippdesigns flippdesigns How to setup worldwide shipping 92 0 1 month ago by flippdesigns 1 month ago
heshy c heshy c How to setup an automatic discount on quantity? 410 5 1 month ago by DandyDahlia 1 month ago
Adam (Logo Pogo) Adam (Logo Pogo) Calculating status... Link to remove Product from Cart in Product list/detail views 89 0 1 month ago by Adam (Logo Pogo) 1 month ago
n8love n8love Format Invoice 2,736 18 1 month ago by Madeleine101 1 month ago