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Airnauts Airnauts Photoshop HTML5 extension caches iframe all the time 48 0 6 days ago by Airnauts

Hallgrimur Bjornsson Hallgrimur Bjornsson Introducing HTML5 Extensions 541 3 1 month ago by Hallgrimur Bjornsson

Hallgrimur Bjornsson Hallgrimur Bjornsson CC Extension SDK documentation available 85 0 1 month ago by Hallgrimur Bjornsson

charanseeram charanseeram 30 seconds search request terminates the session on only PC while using My InDesign related plugin 101 1 1 month ago by charanseeram

Brian Waldsmith Brian Waldsmith Is anyone using the Illustrator CC host adapter on Mac? 134 0 1 month ago by Brian Waldsmith

T.Nelson T.Nelson Display the Illustrator color picker from an extension 624 1 1 month ago by Dominik Guzei

poortip87 poortip87 How to add icons to the status bar in my extension? 112 0 1 month ago by poortip87

mlavie mlavie CSXSInterface.instance.evalScript("alert('x', 'y', false)") Crashes IND When Debugging 2,740 12 1 month ago by gshamayDalet

Airnauts Airnauts window.cep.process.createProcess - how to capture process stdout/stderr? 215 1 2 months ago by jun xia

Pickory Pickory Extension Builder 2.1 151 0 2 months ago by Pickory

emerasoft-srl emerasoft-srl Strange behaviour of a panel in InDesign CS6 1,130 3 2 months ago by _VG

poortip87 poortip87 Panel fails to initialize on ID CS6 on Windows 171 1 2 months ago by poortip87

Harbs. Harbs. CS SDK bugs 18,301 59 2 months ago by _VG

benjaminmueller_burda benjaminmueller_burda Turn of Undo/History? 1,147 2 2 months ago by jarema

Airnauts Airnauts Adobe Extension signing - which platform should I choose? 249 0 3 months ago by Airnauts

BContario BContario Adobe Creative Suite image conversion utility, or similar? 197 0 3 months ago by BContario

g_miles33 g_miles33 Native Application Toolkit replacement in CC 9.1 490 1 4 months ago by pierrel

timsvw timsvw Database Login 215 0 4 months ago by timsvw

Fizzybuzzy Fizzybuzzy Are PageItem unique ids permanent? 477 5 4 months ago by emerasoft-srl

Pierre-RAFFA Pierre-RAFFA Extension does not contain valid signature 27,713 55 4 months ago by d3mac123

Pontus Hulin Pontus Hulin Porting a Creative Suite flashbuilder 4.5 plugin to InDesign CC 213 0 4 months ago by Pontus Hulin

richardhauck richardhauck InDesign TextFrame bug? 210 0 5 months ago by richardhauck

Fizzybuzzy Fizzybuzzy exportFile and visibleBounds / geometricBounds 388 1 5 months ago by Fizzybuzzy

Matt Newell Matt Newell help HelloCreativeSuite extension wont load 1,425 4 5 months ago by Swati999

franklin franklin How to open a URL in the default browser via CC HTML Extension? 1,172 4 6 months ago by lesavage

JeffWinder JeffWinder get the version of the host app 421 2 7 months ago by JeffWinder

justrome0 justrome0 Is it possible to know when a text frame has been tagged by using an event in Indesign? 466 3 7 months ago by Harbs.

justrome0 justrome0 How to add a listener for a TextFrame BEFORE_PLACE / AFTER_PLACE events? 562 2 7 months ago by justrome0

Mac_06 Mac_06 Modify the idms file in CS Extension 469 1 7 months ago by Harbs.

tonyrizk81 tonyrizk81 get the type of a Page Item 367 1 7 months ago by Harbs.