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Grummster Grummster Change Left Margins in Acrobat Reader XI to allow binding space. 22 0 4 hours ago by Grummster

Aries328 Aries328 I can't find my script at all. 24 0 6 hours ago by Aries328

cjohnson.tia cjohnson.tia Adding photos in Character Bios documents 24 0 13 hours ago by cjohnson.tia

Jockomofeenahnay Jockomofeenahnay Get rid of the sign in process 26 0 15 hours ago by Jockomofeenahnay

Tumaia Tumaia Adobe story won't save my project. 79 1 3 days ago by sunnyladkani

VioletEyes VioletEyes How To Edit Page Numbers? 121 4 3 days ago by Rohit (Story Team)

Wreckless Films Wreckless Films All scripts deleted 71 1 3 days ago by sunnyladkani

Thomas B. Brock Thomas B. Brock Owner privilages for two. 369 2 3 days ago by Rich Spencer

ChipNow ChipNow Story performance (with workaround) 104 2 3 days ago by ChipNow

Tumaia Tumaia Characters aren't coming up 55 0 4 days ago by Tumaia

Day Agent Day Agent Request: Night Reading Mode 63 0 5 days ago by Day Agent

BKo1999 BKo1999 Load 61 0 5 days ago by BKo1999

Rich Spencer Rich Spencer Change owner of project? 59 0 6 days ago by Rich Spencer

chillyche chillyche Can't do anything with AV Scripts or Multicolumn Scripts 493 3 6 days ago by Rich Spencer

USANATom USANATom Help navigating clunky behavior in film screenwriting mode 95 1 1 week ago by Aurobi

kayhun001 kayhun001 Server down? 141 4 1 week ago by kayhun001

director417 director417 story 85 0 1 week ago by director417

mammoth36 mammoth36 Spell Check in Story 1,000 3 1 week ago by kirklasalle

HerefordNeil HerefordNeil Shockwave crash has deleted everything 127 0 1 week ago by HerefordNeil

goonfleet goonfleet Need to locate my story files from a recovered HD. Where does Story keep my data locally? 394 4 1 week ago by goonfleet

jopel007 jopel007 page numbers 116 0 1 week ago by jopel007

blake_adobe_screenname blake_adobe_screenname Can't Share Doc or Open Lists - Signed into my Story Plus Account 394 5 2 weeks ago by blake_adobe_screenname

sambombay sambombay Tags not showing in reports 144 1 2 weeks ago by Rohit (Story Team)

sambombay sambombay Errors in generating reports 153 2 2 weeks ago by sambombay

Mads Juul Mads Juul Danish Spellcheck in Adobe Story 2,023 4 2 weeks ago by Current

TheSilverSnake TheSilverSnake Unable to install Adobe Story desktop application. 324 4 2 weeks ago by Rohit (Story Team)

pilworks pilworks Large Spaces getting inserted in film script 216 2 2 weeks ago by Rohit (Story Team)

apollotweed apollotweed Renaming a character 205 1 3 weeks ago by Rashi-Story Team

Numen Numen Lost most of my documents. 219 1 4 weeks ago by sunnyladkani

mursithakan mursithakan To Join To the Adobe Story Service from Turkey 180 0 4 weeks ago by mursithakan