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tech-guy55 tech-guy55 PDF Invoice and Order Conversion to XML/EDI? 36 1 3 days ago by pdf_to_xml

jones89168 jones89168 Completely Embed Font (not Subset) in PDF several methods not working 35,454 22 3 weeks ago by sPretzel

LAOPeroxide LAOPeroxide Save Illustrator PDF for unknown usage 90 0 1 month ago by LAOPeroxide

mickythemack mickythemack Acrobat Distiller Watched Folder problem with OSX 10.9 574 0 5 months ago by mickythemack

James Noel James Noel How do you reorder the pages in a PDF ie back to front (not individually via Page view) 612 0 5 months ago by James Noel

WILLYUM WILLYUM We need to be able to convert documents from one language to English, we try to convert to Word but 626 1 5 months ago by Test Screen Name

hi22aaw hi22aaw how to batch convert pdf to jpgs, crop to trim and save? 932 0 5 months ago by hi22aaw

Soda19 Soda19 Trouble creating grayscale PDF 899 3 5 months ago by Soda19

Obsedion Obsedion Acrobat Pro CC - Question involving user end embedding of files? 605 1 6 months ago by MichaelKazlow

MuralidharKoti MuralidharKoti Prepopulate PDF with data from database 447 0 6 months ago by MuralidharKoti

missmiija75 missmiija75 PDF Pattern 542 0 6 months ago by missmiija75

AdobeTeletubby AdobeTeletubby Converting VSD to Dynamic PDF 1,025 0 7 months ago by AdobeTeletubby

bobhopfner bobhopfner How do I control paper trays with a PDF 2,424 3 8 months ago by bobhopfner

prasad_88 prasad_88 Encryption through watermarking 1,989 0 10 months ago by prasad_88

ShafferRM ShafferRM Automate PDF Creation from Multiple Data Sources 2,135 0 10 months ago by ShafferRM

(theo_std) Missing fonts, why not to choose other relatives? 30,778 13 10 months ago by KarlOrbell

BITkorn BITkorn xfdf <value-richtext> line break 2,254 0 11 months ago by BITkorn

jsteele435 jsteele435 Need help with info about the possibility of altering images when saved in a different format 2,172 2 1 year ago by jsteele435

joakal joakal Creating PDF from XML directly in a content management system? 2,549 3 1 year ago by Arnis Gubins

shpix shpix What's the best way to convert PDF files to SWF files in batch on Linux? 1,922 0 1 year ago by shpix

PrntMnky PrntMnky What is the best process to batch convert RTF files to Press quality PDF files? 2,798 1 1 year ago by MichaelKazlow

garysname garysname Distiller problem 5,448 3 1 year ago by Test Screen Name

Grazer5 Grazer5 PDF printing problem 2,977 0 1 year ago by Grazer5

cmgerberding cmgerberding How does one search the Model Tree? 2,670 0 1 year ago by cmgerberding

gd500 gd500 Can I convert cmyk pdf to rgb pdf? 4,641 2 1 year ago by gd500

jgb8705 jgb8705 PDF presets 4,251 2 1 year ago by jgb8705

Erik Terkelsen Erik Terkelsen cshow problems in Distiller 9.1 13,682 13 1 year ago by mewise1

Just_A_Mac_Guy Just_A_Mac_Guy Can you record the audio from a Video embedded in a pdf? 2,865 2 1 year ago by Just_A_Mac_Guy

rsmensen rsmensen PDF review workflow 2,676 0 1 year ago by rsmensen

John12121 John12121 John12121 2,092 0 2 years ago by John12121

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