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maxmac3 maxmac3 Hotfix4 shows IOS status bar at the top 177 1 6 days ago by Shylock74

mdmoser mdmoser Director iOS Showroom 1,911 11 1 week ago by Doc Raman

lscvppmanager lscvppmanager Director 12 iOS app question 200 2 2 weeks ago by CodeJingle

Erniegar Erniegar Huge file size? 214 5 1 month ago by Erniegar

MECS MECS Using the Configuration Folder 87 1 1 month ago by Sean_Wilson

MAC800 MAC800 Repeat With + Property List + leaderboard / rank of best scores 196 4 1 month ago by jackblackweb

Albatros22 Albatros22 Shockwave content gives black page in certain browsers 777 6 1 month ago by Albatros22

clangton clangton Installing Project 113 1 1 month ago by Milky_au

mdmoser mdmoser Director 12 is here!!! 2,413 15 1 month ago by Herbert2001

TomPerys TomPerys This program is stopping because too many errors have occurred 317 5 2 months ago by jackblackweb

math-angelos math-angelos Exporting in Director 12 184 1 2 months ago by Milky_au

rechtut rechtut is it possible to put a graphic directly over a video sprite 321 3 2 months ago by Sean_Wilson

ryanjohnsond ryanjohnsond .swf to mov 4,270 7 3 months ago by calvinGG

joshuaaaronalpert joshuaaaronalpert Why doesn't Adobe have 3d modeling program? 5,281 3 3 months ago by sapphiregraphics1

Design4u1 Design4u1 Has anyone figured out how to get custom icons on Director projectors? 5,755 26 3 months ago by michenli

nanojohn nanojohn Director 12 (subscription) won't publish projector 732 4 4 months ago by nanojohn

Marta_dPE Marta_dPE Where can I find Director Lesson Builder?? 279 2 4 months ago by Marta_dPE

RobWellington RobWellington selecting text in Shockwave 168 0 4 months ago by RobWellington

DarrenDoesIt DarrenDoesIt Problems With Audio/Picture Playback in Director 667 8 4 months ago by RobWellington

cjebes cjebes Why don't I see an imbedded SWF playing on the Mac (I can hear it), but plays fine in Windows? 228 1 4 months ago by Milky_au

RobWellington RobWellington why is the font different weight in iOS? 251 0 5 months ago by RobWellington

Alibented Alibented does Internet Explorer take over cursor control ? 216 0 5 months ago by Alibented

PollenS PollenS Multitouch with Director 3,833 16 5 months ago by damskiiii

itchardUK itchardUK Director 11 Publishing Errors Xtras? 6,779 17 6 months ago by rduane

Erik36247 Erik36247 How do I know if Hotfix 2 is installed? 589 4 6 months ago by Qubed Studios

serialGardener serialGardener Why does my projector say it needs shockwave 12 to run? 1,007 9 7 months ago by Albatros22

aougu aougu looking for some new project of  Multimedia, website and APP 301 0 7 months ago by aougu

sayed_hassan_eng sayed_hassan_eng director 11.5 on mac 10.6.8 don't read web viewer xtra 678 5 7 months ago by Sean_Wilson

TimT TimT Quicktime and iOS 783 4 7 months ago by TimT

tware668 tware668 PostNetText with custom mimetype ( application/xml). 380 1 7 months ago by Sean_Wilson