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ErikNLD ErikNLD Install ELearning suite 2.5 on Windows 8.1 71 0 5 days ago by ErikNLD

SKCgirl SKCgirl As of March 2014, does the eLearning Suite come with Capitvate 7 or Captivate 6? 209 0 3 weeks ago by SKCgirl

SCM - Chrysler SCM - Chrysler Where can I download eLearning Suite 2.5? 289 4 1 month ago by SCM - Chrysler

sidwagag sidwagag E-learning make this dream a reality! 1,504 2 5 months ago by sidwagag

sidwagag sidwagag To all e-learning experts, help us make this dream a reality! 1,479 2 6 months ago by sidwagag

RodGarcia624 RodGarcia624 Installing eLearning Suite 6.1 2,773 9 6 months ago by acadsoc

elmerut elmerut Why does eLearning for PC not install when Presenter is included in the package? 1,833 4 6 months ago by acadsoc

Colday213 Colday213 Installing two versions of ELS on same computer 1,282 0 6 months ago by Colday213

Pete Hoffman Pete Hoffman Need help with Multiple Certificates in a course. 2,818 2 7 months ago by Pete Hoffman

mursithakan mursithakan My programs do not work on some android phones.How can I clear this problem 1,648 0 7 months ago by mursithakan

PetrZahradnik PetrZahradnik Adobe licensing changes 1,837 0 8 months ago by PetrZahradnik

Badda15 Badda15 elearning suite CS6 2,079 1 9 months ago by Ankit Khurana

Chillau Chillau Adobe's Subscription Policies - something is very, very wrong 3,113 8 9 months ago by devacc

gumpoppers gumpoppers installing elearning suite on my personal computer 2,221 2 9 months ago by Erik Lord

edstudent6 edstudent6 E-Learning Suite & Windows 8 2,300 1 9 months ago by Jeff A Wright

dal6 dal6 Now that Captivate 7 has been released, will there be a new point release of the elearning suite? 2,792 5 9 months ago by PMIQ

Gray Susan Gray Susan Download page not working 2,006 0 9 months ago by Gray Susan

Najjer123 Najjer123 Edit using Audition button greyed out in captivate 2,440 1 10 months ago by Anjaneai Srivastava

ColinA_83 ColinA_83 Errors in Multi-SCO Packager? 2,632 3 10 months ago by ColinA_83

TechBiker TechBiker eLearning Suite 6.1 Can't Install - Initializing Installer 2,420 0 10 months ago by TechBiker

Syrax12 Syrax12 Livecycle included? 2,467 1 11 months ago by Shekhar_Dhiman

Raphaelae Raphaelae Creative Cloud goes Subscription only. e-learning suite next? 2,567 0 11 months ago by Raphaelae

parsh0111 parsh0111 How to install on another machine? 2,647 4 11 months ago by parsh0111

Maud France Maud France Is Adobe eLearning Suite 6.1 compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 8? 2,638 1 11 months ago by Shekhar_Dhiman

Seshet Seshet SCORM 2004 version required by Multi Sco Packager 6? 2,716 1 11 months ago by Shekhar_Dhiman

LMoffittt LMoffittt ELS 2 in Windows 7 64bit? 3,548 8 1 year ago by Erik Lord

Community Help Community Help Code template for using LMS Adapter APIs 2,457 2 1 year ago by Erik Lord

Gray Susan Gray Susan eLearning Suite Subscription Upgrade 4,019 3 1 year ago by Gray Susan

rwkilkenny rwkilkenny eLearning Suite 6.1 Subscription Problem 2,803 6 1 year ago by PetrZahradnik

NSGirlHR NSGirlHR Presenter 8 not installing 7,565 15 1 year ago by ejwn