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bob74 bob74 I have renewed my subscription but I am unable to use 16 0 44 minutes ago by bob74

Easter Easter How do I cancel my ExportPDF contract, the Adobe site appears to make this difficult. 40 1 2 hours ago by Pat Willener

K270 K270 I can not see my serial number in the account. 29 1 3 hours ago by pranavj

Bellaboo Bellaboo PDF coversion to word doc 42 1 4 hours ago by Pat Willener

Tharseo Tharseo I thought my account allowed conversion from word to pdf? 85 4 4 hours ago by Pat Willener

oliviatong1234 oliviatong1234 How to convert Chinese version pdf file to word or excel? 31 0 7 hours ago by oliviatong1234

filesneedtowork filesneedtowork A pdf file is converted to word. Then the word file does not take normal word formatting. Why? 27 0 7 hours ago by filesneedtowork

jxxm jxxm Convertion Problem 29 0 12 hours ago by jxxm

Jane Linnn Jane Linnn Having trouble using ExportPDF through Adobe Reader. 73 2 14 hours ago by Jane Linnn

Enrique29 Enrique29 PDF to Excell 22 0 17 hours ago by Enrique29

Zukanunu Zukanunu I have a new computer and want to download my subscribed Export PDF 25 0 17 hours ago by Zukanunu

lluis camps lluis camps 25 0 19 hours ago by lluis camps

Cobber2 Cobber2 PDF to word conversion 59 1 19 hours ago by MobileDevCK

MikeSacker MikeSacker Convert to xls 35 0 1 day ago by MikeSacker

seagul39 seagul39 Adobe reader I am frustrated 81 2 1 day ago by Pat Willener

codybrix codybrix Paid Adobe Reader XI ExportPDF Subscription - "Error Occurred While Signing In" 42 0 1 day ago by codybrix

Shakazulu Shakazulu Error message 48 0 2 days ago by Shakazulu

Spirit Strings Spirit Strings Problem downloading 42 0 2 days ago by Spirit Strings

linda93790 linda93790 I've uploaded 4 pdf documents. Now how do I convert them to Excel format? 44 0 2 days ago by linda93790

Colbyco Colbyco Purchased your $26/annual convert pdf to word and it doesn't work 140 5 2 days ago by Colbyco

ShabbyChic13 ShabbyChic13 Conversion Failure Error 95 2 2 days ago by ShabbyChic13

M & B P M & B P No longer able to convert PDF files to Word. 115 4 2 days ago by David Kastendick

hatemb hatemb I am having difficulty converting my documents with ExportPDF. 56 1 2 days ago by David Kastendick

DFY DFY Problem converting pdf to an excel file 44 1 2 days ago by David Kastendick

Topgun 787 Topgun 787 I want to add a desktop Icon for Adobe Export 42 1 2 days ago by David Kastendick

Grahampie Grahampie No Access Online 124 7 2 days ago by David Kastendick

jackstg jackstg I paid for a subscription to ExportPDF, but I'm still being prompted to subscribe. 42 1 2 days ago by David Kastendick

CharlieColin CharlieColin Question:  Converting PDF to Word documents 141 4 3 days ago by CharlieColin

tbmood tbmood How do I delete pages within a PDF? 65 2 3 days ago by David Kastendick

Marbri Marbri How do I download my convert file to my computer 77 1 3 days ago by Pat Willener