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Author Subject Views Replies Last Activity Need Help with Uploading IPA to AppStore 50 1 6 hours ago by

paul_james123 paul_james123 Looping MC vanishes in SWF mode only 73 1 11 hours ago by kglad

dummies dummies can't sign on to Adobe Flash 60 1 11 hours ago by kglad

TrevorMuller-Hegel TrevorMuller-Hegel Problems with Paint Bucket Fill Tool with Windows 763 1 14 hours ago by Bhagavan Jalli

Ghirakit Ghirakit BUG Flash CC Settings are not clickable? 72 1 18 hours ago by faraday martinez

xSHiLLySiTx xSHiLLySiTx Flash IDE, Haxe & OpenFL - Invalid Data Swf Error #2136 247 2 1 day ago by xSHiLLySiTx

RMAC461 RMAC461 Adobe Flash Player v13.0.0.182 installation issues? 226 3 1 day ago by Jeff M Wiens

paul_james123 paul_james123 Looping FLV stutters. 1,197 16 1 day ago by paul_james123

eigenface eigenface BUG - in flash pro CC, 'bold' and 'italic' properties of TextFormat have no effect on rendered text 4,188 33 1 day ago by James22s22

Achimedes Achimedes Duplicating an object in circular formation around center point? 258 10 1 day ago by Asymetrical

TheDarkJoe TheDarkJoe Classic Tween Problem! 104 2 1 day ago by Asymetrical

Talonnnn Talonnnn flash brush sensitivity help. 93 3 1 day ago by Asymetrical

nhoxninja nhoxninja Change a psd alpha 85 3 1 day ago by nhoxninja

blogtom blogtom How to invoke the softKeyboard for a TLF textfield in AS3? 38 0 1 day ago by blogtom

BenjaminParis BenjaminParis WHY is Object-level undo deprecated in Flash CC? 3,128 22 1 day ago by xs2bas

josh840 josh840 [Bug] Playing stream audio from the editor almost always starts from beginning. 5,150 32 2 days ago by SKYMOON

Flipline Flipline Flash CC Brush Tool abruptly stops drawing when stage size is small 453 3 2 days ago by urial

paul_james123 paul_james123 flv odd behavior in swf on web but not authoring 603 13 2 days ago by paul_james123

Woutervdz Woutervdz Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution Adobe Air 178 3 2 days ago by sinious

FunkeA FunkeA flash crashed and now I cannot open my fla file. 82 1 3 days ago by sinious

Jean P. Jean P. How do I make a Movie file from a sound file (mp3)? 86 1 3 days ago by kglad

K.Meade K.Meade How to have a swf play outside video? 413 7 3 days ago by sinious

AdamSabla AdamSabla Layer Panel View in PSD & AI file import in Flash CC? 3,329 19 3 days ago by Amy Blankenship

mrBallistic-adobe mrBallistic-adobe Batch Exporting Quicktime mov 182 1 3 days ago by martin-mi

flicke3 flicke3 Getting audio file to start and stop when necessary 116 2 4 days ago by Amy Blankenship

LordMysterious LordMysterious HTML5 Canvas: removeChild() not working 115 1 4 days ago by sinious

rahex rahex flipping animation 133 2 4 days ago by Asymetrical

AdobeComplicated AdobeComplicated Simple Game Reset AS3 173 5 4 days ago by kglad

Pujan_Code Pujan_Code Game Development 123 1 4 days ago by Preran

krumlin krumlin surface pro please help 164 3 4 days ago by krumlin