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BenjaminParis BenjaminParis WHY is Object-level undo deprecated in Flash CC? 3,069 22 1 hour ago by xs2bas 1 hour ago
TheDarkJoe TheDarkJoe Classic Tween Problem! 60 1 2 hours ago by Ned Murphy 2 hours ago
josh840 josh840 [Bug] Playing stream audio from the editor almost always starts from beginning. 5,084 32 5 hours ago by SKYMOON 5 hours ago
Achimedes Achimedes Duplicating an object in circular formation around center point? 169 8 12 hours ago by Achimedes 12 hours ago
eigenface eigenface BUG - in flash pro CC, 'bold' and 'italic' properties of TextFormat have no effect on rendered text 4,075 32 14 hours ago by eigenface 14 hours ago
Flipline Flipline Flash CC Brush Tool abruptly stops drawing when stage size is small 411 3 15 hours ago by urial 15 hours ago
paul_james123 paul_james123 flv odd behavior in swf on web but not authoring 546 13 17 hours ago by paul_james123 17 hours ago
nhoxninja nhoxninja Change a psd alpha 57 2 20 hours ago by Amy Blankenship 20 hours ago
Talonnnn Talonnnn flash brush sensitivity help. 55 1 23 hours ago by Preran 23 hours ago
Woutervdz Woutervdz Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution Adobe Air 155 3 1 day ago by sinious 1 day ago
FunkeA FunkeA flash crashed and now I cannot open my fla file. 75 1 1 day ago by sinious 1 day ago
RMAC461 RMAC461 Adobe Flash Player v13.0.0.182 installation issues? 137 2 1 day ago by RMAC461 1 day ago
Jean P. Jean P. How do I make a Movie file from a sound file (mp3)? 79 1 1 day ago by kglad 1 day ago
K.Meade K.Meade How to have a swf play outside video? 389 7 1 day ago by sinious 1 day ago
AdamSabla AdamSabla Layer Panel View in PSD & AI file import in Flash CC? 3,280 19 1 day ago by Amy Blankenship 1 day ago
mrBallistic-adobe mrBallistic-adobe Batch Exporting Quicktime mov 157 1 2 days ago by martin-mi 2 days ago
flicke3 flicke3 Getting audio file to start and stop when necessary 105 2 2 days ago by Amy Blankenship 2 days ago
LordMysterious LordMysterious HTML5 Canvas: removeChild() not working 101 1 2 days ago by sinious 2 days ago
rahex rahex flipping animation 123 2 2 days ago by Asymetrical 2 days ago
AdobeComplicated AdobeComplicated Simple Game Reset AS3 146 5 2 days ago by kglad 2 days ago
Pujan_Code Pujan_Code Game Development 120 1 2 days ago by Preran 2 days ago
krumlin krumlin surface pro please help 155 3 2 days ago by krumlin 2 days ago
Scorchfrost Scorchfrost My Flash is making some of my Bitmaps invisible. Any ideas? 102 2 2 days ago by sinious 2 days ago
sparrowatelier sparrowatelier how do you publish a projection ( .exe and macos projection) on flash cc. It seems impossible !!!!!! 7,102 24 2 days ago by Nipun Asthana 2 days ago
Broutous Broutous Access to canvas stage functions from external javascript code 245 6 3 days ago by Broutous 3 days ago
jason_kessel jason_kessel HTML5 Canvas Buttons 164 2 3 days ago by Nipun Asthana 3 days ago
Arrakis Arrakis video and audio? 152 4 3 days ago by Arrakis 3 days ago
Kyle1992 Kyle1992 AS3 timeline control with mouse position. 175 8 3 days ago by Kyle1992 3 days ago
Devoted Devoted Video not playing in app created for Android. 131 4 3 days ago by Devoted 3 days ago
Winston2 Winston2 Text 'swivel up' effect 110 3 3 days ago by kglad 3 days ago