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FritzPablo FritzPablo html5 animation: Flash CC vs. Edge Animate? 36 0 3 hours ago by FritzPablo 3 hours ago
Amy Blankenship Amy Blankenship Reset grid origin 26 0 8 hours ago by Amy Blankenship 8 hours ago
blogtom blogtom How to enter text in a TLF textfield through a softKeyboard? 29 0 9 hours ago by blogtom 9 hours ago
TheDarkJoe TheDarkJoe Classic Tween breaking apart 123 7 9 hours ago by TheDarkJoe 9 hours ago
moholy-nagy moholy-nagy Using Toolkit, Images don't show on the stage 32 0 10 hours ago by moholy-nagy 10 hours ago
SarahNorthway SarahNorthway Symbols sometimes don't export in SWC 750 9 10 hours ago by SarahNorthway 10 hours ago
chudasdfsdfas chudasdfsdfas pin scripts deprecated in CC?????  how convenient 3,093 17 11 hours ago by heavyboots 11 hours ago
K.Meade K.Meade How to have a swf play outside video? 451 8 12 hours ago by K.Meade 12 hours ago
Flashgangsta Flashgangsta Can't launch application on iOS simulator with Flash Pro CC 304 2 13 hours ago by ta11us 13 hours ago
StealerOfCandy StealerOfCandy Component Inspector removed in Flash CC!!! Any way to get this back? 2,370 10 13 hours ago by Nipun Asthana 13 hours ago
moholy-nagy moholy-nagy Toolkit is creating an undefined error on line 9 of the js file 66 1 14 hours ago by sinious 14 hours ago
piccolo piccolo clicktag issues... 55 2 16 hours ago by piccolo 16 hours ago
Ghirakit Ghirakit BUG Flash CC Settings are not clickable? 174 3 20 hours ago by Nipun Asthana 20 hours ago
MatthewADavid MatthewADavid Installed latest version of Flash CC and did not get HTML5 Canvas 94 2 20 hours ago by Nipun Asthana 20 hours ago
TheDarkJoe TheDarkJoe Classic Tween Problem! 338 11 1 day ago by Amy Blankenship 1 day ago
James22s22 James22s22 Flash CC is BROKEN.  Font's don't work. 299 7 1 day ago by sinious 1 day ago
Tomcom78 Tomcom78 Problem with button state 96 3 1 day ago by Ned Murphy 1 day ago
Princessnoob Princessnoob Help with animation problem, please 65 1 1 day ago by Ned Murphy 1 day ago
xSHiLLySiTx xSHiLLySiTx Flash IDE, Haxe & OpenFL - Invalid Data Swf Error #2136 400 7 1 day ago by sinious 1 day ago
BiginJapan BiginJapan Does Flash harm my website rank on Google search results? 76 3 1 day ago by kglad 1 day ago
BenjaminParis BenjaminParis WHY is Object-level undo deprecated in Flash CC? 3,273 24 1 day ago by xs2bas 1 day ago
LarseniK LarseniK CS5, blank File Info panel: after "archive and install" (osx) 1,044 3 2 days ago by csuebele 2 days ago
paul_james123 paul_james123 Looping MC vanishes in SWF mode only 150 2 2 days ago by paul_james123 2 days ago
pjokkenroll pjokkenroll Publishing and uploading HTML5 canvas 206 3 2 days ago by sinious 2 days ago
ashmic19 ashmic19 Help - Simple mask not working in Flash CS4 3,081 4 2 days ago by kglad 2 days ago
Talonnnn Talonnnn flash brush sensitivity help. 161 4 3 days ago by Sangeeta J Yelamali 3 days ago
Flipline Flipline Flash CC Brush Tool abruptly stops drawing when stage size is small 593 4 3 days ago by Mohanaraj 3 days ago
josh840 josh840 [Bug] Playing stream audio from the editor almost always starts from beginning. 5,438 33 3 days ago by Mohanaraj 3 days ago Need Help with Uploading IPA to AppStore 90 1 4 days ago by 4 days ago
dummies dummies can't sign on to Adobe Flash 95 1 4 days ago by kglad 4 days ago