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mmo18 mmo18 Can one play flash movies faster? 6,242 4 42 minutes ago by starlitefruit 42 minutes ago
starlitefruit starlitefruit Higher playback speed? 21 0 49 minutes ago by starlitefruit 49 minutes ago
Chris Campbell Chris Campbell ATTENTION MAC CUSTOMERS - Flash Player 13 "Plugin Failure" Solution 96,877 84 1 hour ago by Merry777 1 hour ago
durhamwolf durhamwolf Flash Player Windows * 28 0 2 hours ago by durhamwolf 2 hours ago
gajsingh gajsingh Flash Player ( non-debug image doesn't give security popup for secure access. 21 0 3 hours ago by gajsingh 3 hours ago
Viperrobins Viperrobins Nokia Lumia 925 Windows 8 OS 23 0 4 hours ago by Viperrobins 4 hours ago
Jack Nuyen Jack Nuyen help me. WARNING: Your flash player is out ... 30 0 4 hours ago by Jack Nuyen 4 hours ago
marbik marbik Flash player stutters for 1 second then continues normally 16,789 94 4 hours ago by Ting Ai 4 hours ago
GM39 GM39 Exception in FLASH.OCX using Windows 8.1, latest Flash Version 33 0 5 hours ago by GM39 5 hours ago
CactusRocks CactusRocks Adobe Flash loading issues 31 0 6 hours ago by CactusRocks 6 hours ago
Sven914 Sven914 Comedy Central Videos 26 0 8 hours ago by Sven914 8 hours ago
Vince in OC Vince in OC Flash won't start for a .swf file. 28 0 9 hours ago by Vince in OC 9 hours ago
checksmix checksmix Flash player not always working 645 7 11 hours ago by Silversthreat 11 hours ago
BrownMEJr BrownMEJr Flash Player and Internet Explorer 49 0 13 hours ago by BrownMEJr 13 hours ago
JDL_ JDL_ Flash in Opera and Firefox on Windows 7 64 bit runs horribly slowly. 112 3 15 hours ago by Mike M 15 hours ago
Roisin B Roisin B flash player wont work 49 0 16 hours ago by Roisin B 16 hours ago
ORANGE0 ORANGE0 How do I remove the previous version of the FlashPlayer plugin in Firefox 28.0? 30 0 16 hours ago by ORANGE0 16 hours ago
JVENGLEY JVENGLEY Flash Player 236 2 19 hours ago by JVENGLEY 19 hours ago
gtoddm gtoddm Videos on Flash Player are stuttering. Any suggestions? 100 2 21 hours ago by gtoddm 21 hours ago
JayRandom JayRandom IE crash points to flash plugin when using MSAA/UIA on IE with Flash in the page 54 0 22 hours ago by JayRandom 22 hours ago
52Legs 52Legs Adobe Animation Capabilites? 31 0 22 hours ago by 52Legs 22 hours ago
me5707 me5707 Please Help!! 126 4 22 hours ago by me5707 22 hours ago
jojo1234 jojo1234 Flash Player set to never check for updates but still asks to update 43 0 22 hours ago by jojo1234 22 hours ago
perkedel342 perkedel342 Auto Update Prompt 33 0 22 hours ago by perkedel342 22 hours ago
nextens0 nextens0 Grey shadow left after titles appear in Flash slideshow 70 2 23 hours ago by nextens0 23 hours ago
guitaaron1999 guitaaron1999 Mac: Flash causes "excessive wakeups" during Adobe Connect meetings 90 2 1 day ago by guitaaron1999 1 day ago
1010Gabi 1010Gabi Problem with upgrade 101 2 1 day ago by 1010Gabi 1 day ago
19nffc77 19nffc77 Youtube videos are choppy but the sound is fine 62 0 1 day ago by 19nffc77 1 day ago
tibbles79 tibbles79 I have just updated to the new version and now when i go on facebook, the page is blank?? 71 1 1 day ago by Pat Willener 1 day ago
wessubba wessubba Disable Hardware Acceleration Response Failure 50 0 1 day ago by wessubba 1 day ago