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gtoddm gtoddm Videos on Flash Player are stuttering. Any suggestions? 119 2 1 day ago by gtoddm 1 day ago
JayRandom JayRandom IE crash points to flash plugin when using MSAA/UIA on IE with Flash in the page 82 0 1 day ago by JayRandom 1 day ago
me5707 me5707 Calculating status... Please Help!! 143 4 1 day ago by me5707 1 day ago
jojo1234 jojo1234 Calculating status... Flash Player set to never check for updates but still asks to update 52 0 1 day ago by jojo1234 1 day ago
perkedel342 perkedel342 Calculating status... Auto Update Prompt 40 0 1 day ago by perkedel342 1 day ago
nextens0 nextens0 Grey shadow left after titles appear in Flash slideshow 82 2 1 day ago by nextens0 1 day ago
guitaaron1999 guitaaron1999 Mac: Flash causes "excessive wakeups" during Adobe Connect meetings 104 2 1 day ago by guitaaron1999 1 day ago
1010Gabi 1010Gabi Calculating status... Problem with upgrade 108 2 1 day ago by 1010Gabi 1 day ago
tibbles79 tibbles79 Calculating status... I have just updated to the new version and now when i go on facebook, the page is blank?? 76 1 1 day ago by Pat Willener 1 day ago
Silversthreat Silversthreat Calculating status... Games won't load after 13 update 152 3 2 days ago by Silversthreat 2 days ago
mhantman55 mhantman55 Calculating status... question about flash player 44 0 2 days ago by mhantman55 2 days ago
crazyrockhunter crazyrockhunter Calculating status... flash player keeps crashing 116 2 2 days ago by Pat Willener 2 days ago
meliskucukoglu meliskucukoglu Calculating status... Video Lagging/Choppy videos on Macbook Pro 5,170 6 2 days ago by JMMobley93 2 days ago
kissmanjerry kissmanjerry Calculating status... my flash player on windows 8 is not wokring i did all i can i don't know what to do now ? 83 1 2 days ago by Mike M 2 days ago
alhasani2 alhasani2 Calculating status... alhasani2 119 1 2 days ago by Mike M 2 days ago
Psalm98 Psalm98 Calculating status... plug in failure on Mac 204 1 2 days ago by Mike M 2 days ago
captnH captnH Calculating status... bug de Flash Player depuis mise à jour 13.0 128 1 2 days ago by Mike M 2 days ago
Speedbird_186 Speedbird_186 Calculating status... Flash Player not working in Windows 8.1 (Internet Explorer 11) 138 1 2 days ago by Mike M 2 days ago
OliverJames OliverJames Update/Installation annoying 127 2 2 days ago by Mike M 2 days ago
Lodie99 Lodie99 Calculating status... Adobe Flash Player Update 13._ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ 99 1 2 days ago by Mike M 2 days ago
darudeone darudeone Calculating status... Unable to view videos on certain sites using 64 bit/Win. 7/IE 11 75 1 2 days ago by Mike M 2 days ago
AdobechrashesduetoDEP AdobechrashesduetoDEP Calculating status... Adobe crashes due to DEP 120 2 2 days ago by AdobechrashesduetoDEP 2 days ago
leep449 leep449 Calculating status... i have flash player on my computer but i am getting message that it needs to be installed 458 5 2 days ago by Jedwards6 2 days ago Adobe Flash Player 101 1 2 days ago by Mike M 2 days ago
polozerty polozerty Calculating status... What can I do ? 92 2 2 days ago by polozerty 2 days ago
Yue_Hong Yue_Hong What is Adobe Primetime? 65 1 2 days ago by Mike M 2 days ago
simonphotographic simonphotographic Calculating status... Latest Flash continues to crash 100 1 2 days ago by Mike M 2 days ago
whjco whjco Current Version of Adobe Flash Player is outdated!  Is this a virus or malware? 3,916 34 2 days ago by Mike M 2 days ago
1akko 1akko Calculating status... Problem with webcam and flash player 68 0 2 days ago by 1akko 2 days ago
Acker83 Acker83 Calculating status... no buffer time after chanching the ISP 156 4 2 days ago by Acker83 2 days ago