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caroldm caroldm Joining paths 104 1 5 days ago by Starrim

mentalwaves mentalwaves rotate workspace as in Photoshop 3,685 8 5 days ago by Starrim

EricDuboisMDD EricDuboisMDD Easy access to Slice Options 60 1 5 days ago by Starrim

MarioMari MarioMari Revealing apperance with clipping masks 35 0 1 week ago by MarioMari

MarioMari MarioMari Change profile brush by any angle 29 0 1 week ago by MarioMari

Starrim Starrim Can I turn on "constrain path dragging" in Illustrator? 2,135 36 1 week ago by EricDuboisMDD

W. James W. James numbering squares in a grid 42 0 2 weeks ago by W. James

jmlg12 jmlg12 Generate URL path 61 0 2 weeks ago by jmlg12

Kris_Hunt Kris_Hunt Allow Free Distort like Photoshop 12,876 30 2 weeks ago by mave1969

alitsa alitsa For Guides & Grid: Make rectangular (4:3, 16:9, etc.) units possible 432 2 2 weeks ago by PXC

Concentrium Concentrium Automatically moving selection with new layer creation 61 0 2 weeks ago by Concentrium

John Kallios John Kallios 1.Assign shortcuts to scripts 2. Actions remember insert menu commands when app is started 12,191 28 2 weeks ago by JDPezzotti

John Stanowski John Stanowski Ability to paste text "content" and not formatting 4,518 6 1 month ago by EWadobe

rcraighead rcraighead Make "esc" key function consistent between AI and PS. 104 0 1 month ago by rcraighead

Mordy Golding Mordy Golding Got an idea for Illustrator??? 38,697 124 1 month ago by vincentdoan

KrisHunt KrisHunt Magic Wand palette needs to remember your settings 268 1 1 month ago by mec_os

pathblaster pathblaster Corner Widget is imperfect 120 0 1 month ago by pathblaster

Taylor3d Taylor3d Illustrator Doc Size Limit 125 0 2 months ago by Taylor3d

john hajdar john hajdar image hose (as in freehand)? 96 0 2 months ago by john hajdar

JoeygJensen JoeygJensen Text wrap? 219 1 2 months ago by tromboniator

travisschau travisschau HSB Color as Default 903 3 2 months ago by grantgomm

idolum idolum CS6 font selector is a UI fail 8,081 26 2 months ago by AndyQ

MarioMari MarioMari Gradiet tool to stroke more creative 133 0 2 months ago by MarioMari

MarioMari MarioMari Gradient tool quick reverse gradient 135 0 2 months ago by MarioMari

KrisHunt KrisHunt Please fix the direct selection tool that you broke 185 1 2 months ago by rcraighead

sonofeastwood sonofeastwood Export .ai to .psd with layers as smart objects 152 0 2 months ago by sonofeastwood

MethodPhoto MethodPhoto Artboard Management 346 1 2 months ago by PXC

PXC PXC Align Stroke of open paths 221 2 2 months ago by PXC

legopants legopants hide off artboard (w) (shift + w) like indesign then I can live like a god king 122 0 2 months ago by legopants

DrStrik9 DrStrik9 We need a way to change the default font to something other than Myriad 12 pt. 200 2 2 months ago by DrStrik9