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Brandelune Brandelune Batch creation of variables 141 7 1 hour ago by Brandelune

mariaprabu mariaprabu How to automate the flatten transparency in illustrator? 1,090 5 2 hours ago by Larry G. Schneider

Bob Haslett Bob Haslett Select an object in illustrator using extendscript 60 2 5 hours ago by W_J_T

SlowMotion SlowMotion How do you get information on loaded fonts? 42 0 9 hours ago by SlowMotion

LouisHectorMonty LouisHectorMonty Script to Make all text Dynamic 15,162 6 20 hours ago by Brandelune

RedHagstrom3 RedHagstrom3 Resource specification for a treeview 101 5 1 day ago by CarlosCanto

essejesse essejesse Errors and more, my first illustrator script 48 0 1 day ago by essejesse

boxleitnerb boxleitnerb Creating shapes using SetEntirePath 76 4 1 day ago by CarlosCanto

vinomannu vinomannu Need to convert all text frames to intinal caps. 125 5 1 day ago by vinomannu

Ferrarezzi Ferrarezzi select document by name 62 2 2 days ago by Ferrarezzi

fontaan fontaan Export position and content of text 125 6 3 days ago by Larry G. Schneider

baktunatier baktunatier JavaScript BridgeTalk and MRAP errors 41 0 3 days ago by baktunatier

Ferrarezzi Ferrarezzi Changing linked pages automatically 39 0 3 days ago by Ferrarezzi

TimHill83 TimHill83 Improving Precision when scaling to exact pixel size 77 0 5 days ago by TimHill83

Ferrarezzi Ferrarezzi Convert text to paths 82 2 1 week ago by Ferrarezzi

timlogochair timlogochair Copy artboard (and art) to another document 26,463 40 1 week ago by nickolaspeter

big_smile big_smile Batch combine files into one illustrator document - how to open target document? 423 13 1 week ago by CarlosCanto

Niko.marr Niko.marr Batch export .ai files to pdf 2,913 12 1 week ago by hpope66

CulinaryGeek CulinaryGeek Secured PDF from Illustrator CS6 114 1 1 week ago by CarlosCanto

kimDino8 kimDino8 Same code, different result (load the library...) 196 2 1 week ago by kimDino8

ADOBEisUSELESS ADOBEisUSELESS "Isolation Mode" and Javascript. 135 1 2 weeks ago by Larry G. Schneider

quoz quoz Script to get names of placed images into text file for our database? 4,320 21 2 weeks ago by CarlosCanto

DuanesSearchForKnowledge DuanesSearchForKnowledge Open all pages in a PDF and save them as sequential files 208 4 2 weeks ago by DuanesSearchForKnowledge

nsa91 nsa91 AIEvents in CC 143 0 2 weeks ago by nsa91

Dr.Graphic Dr.Graphic Place 2 objects into a new layer and rename that layer 344 4 2 weeks ago by Dr.Graphic

Thom_Quine Thom_Quine How can I make the stroke the same as the fill in Illustrator? 195 4 2 weeks ago by Thom_Quine

Franck Payen Franck Payen Changing the text in a scriptUI window 226 3 2 weeks ago by CarlosCanto

joseM joseM javascript: copy an object to a new layer and tracing it 277 2 2 weeks ago by joseM

ADOBEisUSELESS ADOBEisUSELESS Getting the "real" visibleBounds with javascript... 454 9 3 weeks ago by ADOBEisUSELESS

Hussam Salah Hussam Salah Script to select patterns in Illustrator Document 381 5 3 weeks ago by W_J_T