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thaiwest1 thaiwest1 Missing Verdand Font 37 3 10 minutes ago by thaiwest1 10 minutes ago
bobkap bobkap Edit old .AI file 28 1 26 minutes ago by Jacob Bugge 26 minutes ago
Vernonski Vernonski rockhound 110 4 31 minutes ago by Jacob Bugge 31 minutes ago
JuanVit JuanVit Illustrator Crash 62 1 19 hours ago by Pat Willener 38 minutes ago
brendaD brendaD missing default swatches 30 1 52 minutes ago by Monika Gause 52 minutes ago
Eric Barker Eric Barker Change canvas (not artboard) size 96 4 2 hours ago by Eric Barker 2 hours ago
Kamtam Kamtam Reflect issue 161 12 2 hours ago by Monika Gause 2 hours ago
Ritorock Ritorock Illustrator download problems 61 3 2 hours ago by Ritorock 2 hours ago
bumbleb33tuna bumbleb33tuna i have letters on top of image...want to make transparent 79 5 2 hours ago by Jacob Bugge 2 hours ago
fabiocimo fabiocimo Adobe Illustrator CC immediate shut down after opening :( 98 4 2 hours ago by Jacob Bugge 2 hours ago
Ben Stanbury Ben Stanbury Does anyone know of a tutorial to make this kind of image? 105 2 3 hours ago by jvmonteiro 3 hours ago
connschmidt connschmidt Illustrator won't allow me to click and drag objects! Help! 122 9 4 hours ago by Jacob Bugge 4 hours ago
Mike410 Mike410 Connecting paths 265 12 4 hours ago by Mike410 4 hours ago
dyannd dyannd Problems with work versus home version of Illustrator from Creative Cloud 52 1 5 hours ago by Monika Gause 5 hours ago
kylae05 kylae05 Trying to download Illustrator CC, it tells me to sign in, then immediately signs me out??? 50 1 7 hours ago by Mylenium 7 hours ago
(Mimi_Klotz) Why can't I use the paintbrush tool? 50,265 10 8 hours ago by conrad_danger 8 hours ago
adobied adobied help needed to make a compound path of text in rectangle 207 12 8 hours ago by adobied 8 hours ago
Steve Fairbairn Steve Fairbairn Sign in not working on Safari 109 4 10 hours ago by Steve Fairbairn 10 hours ago
hinc94 hinc94 How to change the angle of each gradient slider? 75 2 12 hours ago by Steve Fairbairn 12 hours ago
jdpitt13 jdpitt13 New Segment Reshape enhancements in Illustrator 17.1 101 3 12 hours ago by Jacob Bugge 12 hours ago
irisham irisham Acrobat Illustrator fails at the stage of installing 80 2 13 hours ago by Jacob Bugge 13 hours ago
Gregory E Gregory E Knowing the file size, Illustrator? 92 2 13 hours ago by Jacob Bugge 13 hours ago
BeckerNA BeckerNA Pathfinder issues 83 2 14 hours ago by Jacob Bugge 14 hours ago
StarguyWalt StarguyWalt Loadinf Failure 64 1 16 hours ago by Mylenium 16 hours ago
Cingomma Cingomma It is not clear if I need to wait to download the application or if there is a technical problem! 54 1 18 hours ago by Silkrooster 18 hours ago
Picapiedras Picapiedras Is JAVA now a day necessary? 66 1 22 hours ago by Jim Simon 22 hours ago
farolomantis farolomantis I need help to convert EPS with many paths in only one path. Only the contour 204 8 1 day ago by farolomantis 1 day ago
travh travh How do I get old freehand files into Illustrator? 208 6 1 day ago by chadallansuch 1 day ago
mumbly_j0e mumbly_j0e How do I fix an issue where things randomly disappear from the art board? 176 8 1 day ago by Jacob Bugge 1 day ago
chadallansuch chadallansuch Linking Multiple Symbols! 45 0 1 day ago by chadallansuch 1 day ago