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Author Status Subject Views Replies Last Post Modify Date
MarioMari MarioMari Panel managing pages & books in the horizontal 236 0 6 months ago by MarioMari 6 months ago
CAROEL25 CAROEL25 Calculating status... How can I create 2 catalogues (same design but different languages) 351 0 6 months ago by CAROEL25 6 months ago
( Adrian M. ) ( Adrian M. ) Calculating status... Bibliography Generator 763 1 6 months ago by JvW_PRC 6 months ago
Li22y_B Li22y_B Calculating status... Editing features 266 0 6 months ago by Li22y_B 6 months ago
dishdesigner dishdesigner OpenType palette? 356 0 6 months ago by dishdesigner 6 months ago
timsnapabbotsford timsnapabbotsford Calculating status... InDesign CC Step and repeat user friendliness 1,575 3 6 months ago by Peter Spier 6 months ago
040767 040767 Arrowhead scaling 670 2 7 months ago by Laubender 7 months ago
John Mindiola III John Mindiola III Calculating status... How to make different stroke widths like CSS can? 298 0 7 months ago by John Mindiola III 7 months ago
camilo umana camilo umana Keyboard increment/cursor key: very limited 5,766 17 7 months ago by camilo umana 7 months ago
jomota48 jomota48 Calculating status... Is there any way to spell check a single page in a multi page document? 606 2 8 months ago by jomota48 8 months ago
primalman primalman ID CC memory use and sluggishness 666 4 8 months ago by dSparks 8 months ago
jsligh jsligh Should .indb books be aware of their current path. 809 3 9 months ago by Peter Spier 9 months ago
jsligh jsligh Option to retain original path to linked media when exporting 338 0 9 months ago by jsligh 9 months ago
combdn combdn Calculating status... Merge InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop together? 1,207 4 9 months ago by Laubender 9 months ago
camilo umana camilo umana Inserting rows and columns: an irregular IDCC procedure 345 0 9 months ago by camilo umana 9 months ago
agprepress31 agprepress31 Calculating status... InDesign QR codes require more fields in Biz Card 351 0 9 months ago by agprepress31 9 months ago
shilpa..2012 shilpa..2012 Calculating status... Indesign Debug Version 329 0 9 months ago by shilpa..2012 9 months ago
camilo umana camilo umana Fix blank screens using tabs in new CC 326 0 9 months ago by camilo umana 9 months ago
Alex_Gibson Alex_Gibson Lock Book documents order 886 1 9 months ago by Pavel Bankovsky 9 months ago
(James_Horsmann) Calculating status... Sideheads as a style like in FrameMaker 1,235 7 9 months ago by peter at knowhowpro 9 months ago
040767 040767 Cross-references update 300 0 9 months ago by 040767 9 months ago
aarondavis1986 aarondavis1986 InDesign CS6 Retina MBP Support 10,850 15 10 months ago by Grafisk Kirkemann 10 months ago
nathanwells nathanwells Fix Hunspell Plugin To Work With Khmer 2,230 13 10 months ago by Pickory 10 months ago
smithpr smithpr Wishing CS6 relink could find links in folder 562 2 10 months ago by smithpr 10 months ago
Gusgsm Gusgsm The ability to export to PDF/A (PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-1a...) 590 2 11 months ago by Gusgsm 11 months ago
smithpr smithpr InDesign CS6 Should Remember Window Position 391 0 11 months ago by smithpr 11 months ago
Will Lofgren Will Lofgren Calculating status... Categorize Fonts 401 0 11 months ago by Will Lofgren 11 months ago
040767 040767 Align Left Edge for first Character 431 0 11 months ago by 040767 11 months ago
E Diane King E Diane King Need total "real" page count on the book panel 968 5 12 months ago by John Hawkinson 12 months ago
Laubender Laubender [Scripting JSX] Give us a property "reallyAllPageItems" 664 1 1 year ago by Trevorׅ 1 year ago