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MrFurly MrFurly Relinking Images from User to User 47 1 18 minutes ago by Willi Adelberger

bill3262 bill3262 Can't update, can't use InDesign6 44 1 23 minutes ago by Willi Adelberger

4T4 4T4 Clear pictures 41 1 24 minutes ago by Willi Adelberger

vimleshky vimleshky Interactive pdf video not working on browser? 25 0 29 minutes ago by vimleshky

kcrossley kcrossley Small, but readable font suggestion? 155 8 1 hour ago by kcrossley

Huskerfan29 Huskerfan29 Actual vs Effective PPI 71 4 2 hours ago by Huskerfan29

KaitlynVicente KaitlynVicente Can't download free trial 85 5 2 hours ago by KaitlynVicente

adobe 2014 adobe 2014 powerripx settings disabled by indesign cc 160 5 2 hours ago by adobe 2014

AngelVargas AngelVargas Can't get interactive elements to work when saving my InDeisgn document to an interactive PDF? 94 5 3 hours ago by Steve Werner

dposeyEBIO2 dposeyEBIO2 InDesign will no longer package fonts 57 1 3 hours ago by Steve Werner

4T4 4T4 Deleting projects from INdesign CS5 31 0 4 hours ago by 4T4

isa anderson isa anderson Google web fonts, do they print well? 501 4 4 hours ago by marychess1

Nick Bewley Nick Bewley Content Collector : Creating ReUsable Elements 175 6 6 hours ago by Nick Bewley

Glee Graphics Glee Graphics Please help! square bullets lost and replaced with '5' when file is packaged for print. 109 6 6 hours ago by Peter Spier

Rad_Bean Rad_Bean "PB" Instead of "1" in Data Merge Palette 73 4 6 hours ago by Rad_Bean

Westina Westina Unable to set columns under Layout>Margins and Columns 31 0 6 hours ago by Westina

kcrossley kcrossley Checkerboard pattern? 126 10 7 hours ago by kcrossley

danawilliams14 danawilliams14 Why can I not export my Indesign file into PDF form? 83 1 7 hours ago by John T Smith

cindy2k4 cindy2k4 Creating multiple columns in InDesign CC for Mac 90 3 7 hours ago by Salah Fadlabi

ClaireRolland ClaireRolland Disparition de blocs texte et images !! 73 2 8 hours ago by ClaireRolland

Jacio Jacio Indesign crashes on startup 94 4 8 hours ago by Jacio

Portugal10 Portugal10 Problems with new Blurb Plugin for InDesign 197 14 9 hours ago by Portugal10

benwa02 benwa02 Data merge exports to multiple PDFs all uniquely named from data 186 2 9 hours ago by benwa02

LaurenNev LaurenNev Buttons to Page Destination Disappear after clicking 33 0 9 hours ago by LaurenNev

AprilHammonsAPD AprilHammonsAPD InDesign files not working in SharePoint Online 2013 42 0 9 hours ago by AprilHammonsAPD

zalker zalker Printing problems 116 7 9 hours ago by SRiegel

Latke P. Latke P. Problem with importing Word document 196 10 9 hours ago by Latke P.

unbeknown unbeknown Pictures/Photos/Images in InDesign 68 1 10 hours ago by Daniel Flavin

CandyJo CandyJo Setting tab order for choices in an interactive form in InDesign CC 84 2 10 hours ago by CandyJo

nwbath nwbath Indesign CS4 crashing on start-up with following report? 82 3 10 hours ago by Peter Spier