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felix2011sk felix2011sk Background color 28 0 1 day ago by felix2011sk 1 day ago
gabbered gabbered How much longer until the new Kuler API be released? 143 1 2 days ago by Dave E 2 days ago
AdrienneRose AdrienneRose Themes disappear after sharing! 42 0 2 days ago by AdrienneRose 2 days ago
Karfried Karfried Unable to use kuler: blank screen 99 0 6 days ago by Karfried 6 days ago
Tom Bryant Tom Bryant I want to save jpeg's of colour palette's to show clients 235 1 2 weeks ago by shamit_mehta 2 weeks ago
dappledandy2 dappledandy2 Changing my Kuler username 1,958 7 2 weeks ago by vespir 2 weeks ago
tvshay tvshay Problems Installing on Macbook Pro 215 0 2 weeks ago by tvshay 2 weeks ago
Dave E Dave E How do I use themes with Adobe Illustrator®, Photoshop®, InDesign®, Fireworks®, and Flash® Professio 18,651 21 3 weeks ago by GraphicLawyer 3 weeks ago
Dave E Dave E New beta features (August) - feedback please 7,688 6 3 weeks ago by quickmaker 3 weeks ago
Micro747 Micro747 Sync to Kuler 277 0 3 weeks ago by Micro747 3 weeks ago
benknight87 benknight87 Not receiving Kuler API verification emails 890 3 3 weeks ago by ZuzooVn 3 weeks ago
Dave E Dave E Thoughts on the site re-design from the Kuler team 27,165 112 1 month ago by jay fresno 1 month ago
rachreduk rachreduk I need to speak to someone regarding an issue with the Kuler site. 393 1 1 month ago by Dave E 1 month ago
more than five colors? more than five colors? Is it possible to use or find more than five colors? 4,135 9 1 month ago by Guldvarg 1 month ago
Jannahbird Jannahbird How do I sync my favorited Kuler themes to Illustrator CC? 1,450 10 1 month ago by Jannahbird 1 month ago
fishtrapper fishtrapper Making Paint 360 0 1 month ago by fishtrapper 1 month ago
lushspectre lushspectre Pinterest 1,202 5 1 month ago by Dave E 1 month ago
johanleo2 johanleo2 my account doesn't work in Kuler 710 3 1 month ago by Dave E 1 month ago
emschall emschall All of my saved themes are gone 1,106 9 1 month ago by mOsT87 1 month ago
Artistem Artistem Kuler duplicates my saved themes 697 3 1 month ago by Artistem 1 month ago
Scoops Scoops I can't create or view saved and favourites in kuler using CS6 670 2 1 month ago by Scoops 1 month ago
Wachterteufel Wachterteufel Kuler site error 3,060 12 1 month ago by ED-Jasmine 1 month ago
aeshear aeshear Why Am I Not Seeing All My Public Themes On My Public Account? 1,004 1 1 month ago by shamit_mehta 1 month ago
Fixmysync77 Fixmysync77 My themes have disappeared! 581 1 1 month ago by shamit_mehta 1 month ago
Gabriel B Gabriel B Themes Have Disappeared - Haven't changed email 787 5 1 month ago by Sergio A.M. 1 month ago
secddan secddan Calculating status... Adobe Kuler and iPhone 5s. 730 1 2 months ago by shamit_mehta 2 months ago
MrArctic MrArctic Calculating status... How do I switch color positions in the new Kuler? 1,449 1 2 months ago by shamit_mehta 2 months ago
BobConsulting BobConsulting Calculating status... 404 Errors When Accessing My Themes 823 3 2 months ago by Dave E 2 months ago
cod81 cod81 Calculating status... How do I copy a color from Kuler and paste it to a word document? 859 0 2 months ago by cod81 2 months ago
Dibble92010 Dibble92010 Calculating status... Can I capture a palette from an image in PS CC? 692 0 2 months ago by Dibble92010 2 months ago