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Jbean25 Jbean25 Is it possible to use Configurator to add the arrow button from Photoshop CS5? 36 0 1 day ago by Jbean25

david2go13 david2go13 Does Configurator 4.0 support Photoshop CS5.1? 406 2 4 days ago by Jonathan Ferman

AnthonyK AnthonyK Adobe Configurator and deprecated Flash-based panel support in Adobe CC products 1,983 15 4 days ago by Jonathan Ferman

pglanz pglanz Photoshop stops execution of scripts after certain amount of time 461 7 4 days ago by pglanz

Propeller123 Propeller123 play a sound when clicking a button 65 0 1 week ago by Propeller123

Holger_Sc Holger_Sc Add most used Brushes to custom Panel 171 1 1 week ago by modo

jimsanderson jimsanderson Confirgurator 4 Problem 534 4 1 week ago by .:mazed

GreyedUser GreyedUser Button action with no result 88 0 2 weeks ago by GreyedUser

Sergey Kritskiy Sergey Kritskiy Sample Panel examples? 363 5 3 weeks ago by Sergey Kritskiy

Ray Tragesser Ray Tragesser Premiere Pro Extension 1,032 5 1 month ago by HuckstabelRex

Michael Witherell Michael Witherell How to make a button that looks clicked on 3,234 22 1 month ago by W_J_T

zgtownsend zgtownsend Configurator panels cause 100% CPU usage bug 698 4 1 month ago by StrongBeaver

SamLaundon SamLaundon Where is Adobe? 735 2 1 month ago by NicolasMenard89

lorechan lorechan Make a plugin directly updatable via Extension Manager 141 0 1 month ago by lorechan

Dewcal Dewcal Action icons always show in panel 308 1 1 month ago by Dewcal

Ivan yeo Ivan yeo is there a way you can let users customize the custom Panels themselves? 177 0 2 months ago by Ivan yeo

Peter Strømberg Peter Strømberg the Future of SWF in Custom Panels 1,101 8 2 months ago by Hrunga

hdbrew hdbrew Configurator 3 Panels Cause Issue in Photoshop CS6 for Windows 8 1,039 2 3 months ago by Jeremy Knudsen

coreyarte coreyarte Html Widget Crashes. How to load only one html widget at a time? 346 1 3 months ago by coreyarte

coreyarte coreyarte Brush Size Slider? 379 1 3 months ago by Jonathan Ferman

Airnauts Airnauts Can't sign adobe html5 extension - problem with certificate 345 2 3 months ago by Jonathan Ferman

leuallen leuallen Configurator 4 panel not updating in CC. 535 4 3 months ago by leuallen

Madebyvadim Madebyvadim Yes/ No Question pop up. 301 0 3 months ago by Madebyvadim

strattonbrazil strattonbrazil javascript events received in configurator scripts 789 3 4 months ago by Jeremy Knudsen

PhotographybyLance PhotographybyLance Key Commands corrupt using Configurator in Photoshop CS5 4,983 17 4 months ago by Jeremy Knudsen

SamLaundon SamLaundon PS 6 Panel Conflict with Tools 721 1 4 months ago by Jeremy Knudsen

pubdyn pubdyn Link to Manual is broken 418 2 4 months ago by pubdyn

Brams Brams Opening a file in the host from a link in the HTML widget 297 0 4 months ago by Brams

marsv024 marsv024 Make a HTML widget react to a custom url handler 1,205 3 4 months ago by Brams

briand briand Script File Errors 279 0 4 months ago by briand

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