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Jan Klosinski Jan Klosinski [bug] TLF, SelectionManager and popup 2,078 5 4 months ago by Gaius Coffey

lmack710 lmack710 not seeing the context menu when right clicking the red squiggly line 410 0 5 months ago by lmack710

Nidhi Shrivastava Nidhi Shrivastava Text area does not display error for wrong text enter by user in squiggly 810 2 6 months ago by mprtl

BueroPlusDrei BueroPlusDrei Next Release 706 0 8 months ago by BueroPlusDrei

goat_boy goat_boy Spark Panel with Squiggly Component doesn't work 1,559 3 8 months ago by hugocamer

little fat girl little fat girl Apply Squiggly to Flash Pro IDE textfield. 1,939 3 9 months ago by pabiQC

eilon_yardeni eilon_yardeni Error when trying to use Squiggly in AIR 895 0 10 months ago by eilon_yardeni

Adobe Community Adobe Community The word just added does not appear in the list 815 0 10 months ago by Adobe Community

Adobe Community Adobe Community SOLVED: Error: Design mode: Cannot load AdobeSpellingUI.swc (reason: ERROR: Load Verify) 995 0 10 months ago by Adobe Community

Amol Pandhare Amol Pandhare Error with the squiggly spell check implementation 1,065 0 12 months ago by Amol Pandhare

stesel23 stesel23 Is it possible to transfer dic and aff files to HunspellDictionary as AS3 objects? 970 0 1 year ago by stesel23

DachFlach DachFlach Squiggly - adding to All TextInputs 1,360 1 1 year ago by cjaube47

Hinne Hinne German and Russian? 1,523 2 1 year ago by Chris Tuijn

sullagaddi sullagaddi Squiggly - Add to Dictionary Question 2,038 1 1 year ago by grantmeek

cjaube47 cjaube47 enableDictionarySplit not working 1,254 0 1 year ago by cjaube47

Xanderhonor Xanderhonor TLF TextFlows and Squiggly, ContextMenus do not appear 1,247 0 1 year ago by Xanderhonor

Vladimir Hovsepyan Vladimir Hovsepyan Problem with loading Danish dictionaries files. 1,286 0 1 year ago by Vladimir Hovsepyan

Manoj De Silva Manoj De Silva How to reduce high memory usage of Squiggly SDK? 1,368 0 1 year ago by Manoj De Silva

drMikey1217 drMikey1217 Squiggly source for modification? 1,206 0 1 year ago by drMikey1217

Kantisingh Kantisingh Spell check in air application 1,505 1 1 year ago by amkronos

amkronos amkronos Squiggly red line doesn't auto draw 1,281 0 1 year ago by amkronos

Anjum Shahzad Malik Anjum Shahzad Malik How can i use AdobeSpellingFramework.swc library to draw squiggly line below word for RichEditable? 1,682 1 1 year ago by WebTrauma

Manoj De Silva Manoj De Silva SquigglySDK with Richeditable text 1,495 1 1 year ago by Manoj De Silva

GrendelDeveloper GrendelDeveloper Scroller causing crash (Error #1009) 1,937 1 1 year ago by GrendelDeveloper

Astraport2012 Astraport2012 Spell checker error: null cannot be parsed to a squiggly dictionary 1,460 0 1 year ago by Astraport2012

glazedkoala glazedkoala Squiggly regex customization 1,272 0 1 year ago by glazedkoala

Mahron Mahron Loading bytearray dictionary 1,940 2 1 year ago by Mahron

adrian.aioanei adrian.aioanei Event.CHANGE not dispatched when doing a correction 3,524 11 2 years ago by intellignt

intellignt intellignt Spelling w/ PopUpManager 3,739 7 2 years ago by intellignt

intellignt intellignt Squiggly + Flex SDK 4.6 = Broken 3,627 4 2 years ago by lizgekko_28