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Author Status Subject Views Replies Last Post Modify Date
teletep teletep DefineFont3 problem 89 0 3 weeks ago by teletep 3 weeks ago
pkcqr pkcqr Calculating status... build error installing windows version of swfinvestigator 146 0 1 month ago by pkcqr 1 month ago
mughalshahzad mughalshahzad Calculating status... stage size for menu 355 0 4 months ago by mughalshahzad 4 months ago
meeas meeas Calculating status... Linux Support 2,108 2 7 months ago by meeas 7 months ago
NemoStein NemoStein Error parsing SWF - Error #1010 2,389 2 10 months ago by NemoStein 10 months ago
isthisabugbro isthisabugbro Bug with AMF Transmitter 1,519 4 12 months ago by isthisabugbro 12 months ago
randrews77 randrews77 Calculating status... exported swf movie not working on different platforms 1,101 0 12 months ago by randrews77 12 months ago
random_name12341234 random_name12341234 Is there an option to capture SWF from running process? (e.g. chrome process) 963 0 12 months ago by random_name12341234 12 months ago
TulipParis TulipParis Calculating status... Is it possiable have the size of SWF with SWF Investigator 1,427 1 1 year ago by puhley 1 year ago
LongvestorInvestigator LongvestorInvestigator Calculating status... SWFInvestigator and the ability to view the bytecode 1,274 1 1 year ago by puhley 1 year ago
kpodenphant kpodenphant The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. 3,373 7 1 year ago by tcorbet 1 year ago
benh58 benh58 Calculating status... Install fails: invalid migration signature 1,816 1 1 year ago by puhley 1 year ago
EpicMike06 EpicMike06 Calculating status... Disable external link in SWF file 1,417 0 1 year ago by EpicMike06 1 year ago
thienhaflash thienhaflash Calculating status... Allow edit strings in constant pool + show index of constant pool items 1,554 1 1 year ago by puhley 1 year ago
Fabs4 Fabs4 Calculating status... LZMA compression 3,051 4 1 year ago by Fabs4 1 year ago
matadr matadr Calculating status... SWF Investigator Reading Wrong Version Number 1,273 1 1 year ago by puhley 1 year ago
random(1) random(1) "Check for updates" Not Working 1,238 1 1 year ago by puhley 1 year ago
James Quirk James Quirk Calculating status... mac download link is broken 1,261 2 1 year ago by puhley 1 year ago
random(1) random(1) Error Parsing SWF 1,664 2 1 year ago by random(1) 1 year ago
AndrewFrost AndrewFrost Source code / feature request 1,772 3 1 year ago by puhley 1 year ago
Alain Mazy Alain Mazy Wow! It's verry good base for... 2,356 4 1 year ago by Alain Mazy 1 year ago
nemi123 nemi123 How does SWF Investigator auto-update works? 1,580 1 2 years ago by puhley 2 years ago
FREDI REQUEIL FREDI REQUEIL Calculating status... Need help for saving re edited values in SWF INVESTIGATOR 3,007 5 2 years ago by puhley 2 years ago
kkm19 kkm19 Bug - Webcam Security Panel 1,365 1 2 years ago by puhley 2 years ago
StasA2 StasA2 A security breach? 3,148 8 2 years ago by StasA2 2 years ago
Krilnon Krilnon Calculating status... Provide better install error info. 1,338 1 2 years ago by puhley 2 years ago