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Plne Plne Level Up Not To Be Found 68 0 2 weeks ago by Plne 2 weeks ago
LATHO LATHO Calculating status... LevelUp Level 4 Mission 13 Step 2 of 4: No further reactions after using the quick selection tool. 437 3 2 weeks ago by Alexnnn 2 weeks ago
MommaSusi MommaSusi Calculating status... How do I save my progress so I don't have to start over each time? 40 0 4 weeks ago by MommaSusi 4 weeks ago
KelseyMITS KelseyMITS Calculating status... LevelUp won't load in Photoshop CC 145 2 1 month ago by kdenise1111 1 month ago
anindyaban anindyaban Calculating status... Poster making 01 : from Scratch to Finish 197 0 2 months ago by anindyaban 2 months ago
xhian0813 xhian0813 Calculating status... graphic processor error 300 1 2 months ago by SG... 2 months ago
rmark0 rmark0 Calculating status... advancing from mission 2. 230 4 2 months ago by rmark0 2 months ago
li_li_2010 li_li_2010 Got an error when applying oil paint filter 15,936 49 2 months ago by SG... 2 months ago
cowboysnangels33 cowboysnangels33 Calculating status... Mission 2 - Levelup - How can I advance? 271 1 4 months ago by ranielse 4 months ago
sensationz09 sensationz09 Calculating status... Mission 15 200 0 4 months ago by sensationz09 4 months ago
Andersgeson Andersgeson Calculating status... I´m stuck at Step 2 to of 4, level 4, mission thirteen. 353 2 4 months ago by Andersgeson 4 months ago
alanjana alanjana STUCK ON LEVEL 2... ISNT BRINGING UP THE IMAGES...  THEY ARE ALL BLANK BOXES 289 1 4 months ago by ranielse 4 months ago
chindubgirijan chindubgirijan Calculating status... I am also getting the same problem: the filter you were using encountered an unknown graphics proces 747 4 5 months ago by SG... 5 months ago
Tero Makela Tero Makela Unable to progress - Photoshop CC LevelUp Game 1,134 8 5 months ago by Laster 5 months ago
Reno Russell Reno Russell Calculating status... Completed 11 missions, but still at level 2. Why? 726 1 9 months ago by Terri Stone 9 months ago
benwyatt benwyatt Installation problem--extension manager 598 0 10 months ago by benwyatt 10 months ago
Oliver_77 Oliver_77 Batch file install 726 0 11 months ago by Oliver_77 11 months ago
LC222222 LC222222 Install LevelUp without user interaction 1,225 5 11 months ago by Terri Stone 11 months ago
mmsTech1 mmsTech1 Calculating status... Level Up won't load 1,671 4 1 year ago by melegend 1 year ago
Michaelkaiwen Michaelkaiwen How do you change your username? 652 0 1 year ago by Michaelkaiwen 1 year ago
JCFeller77 JCFeller77 Calculating status... Can't complete mission 2,768 14 1 year ago by jesus1313 1 year ago
The Chickening The Chickening Calculating status... I'm stuck at Mission 2 (Brightness/Contrast). 695 0 1 year ago by The Chickening 1 year ago
emma eire 12 emma eire 12 Calculating status... Level Up stuck on Loading... 903 1 1 year ago by Terri Stone 1 year ago
mayurb94 mayurb94 Calculating status... which products can i use to maje this site more better. I mean except phot 621 0 1 year ago by mayurb94 1 year ago
ItsVest ItsVest error with oil paint help 707 0 1 year ago by ItsVest 1 year ago
PSUSD1 PSUSD1 Calculating status... Does Level Up require an internet connection or certain ports open to work? 1,013 1 1 year ago by Terri Stone 1 year ago
mrsjmdrn1971 mrsjmdrn1971 Calculating status... mission 12 658 0 1 year ago by mrsjmdrn1971 1 year ago
jdmart01 jdmart01 Calculating status... Log off LevelUp??? 758 0 1 year ago by jdmart01 1 year ago
Merlster Merlster Calculating status... LevelUp AND Photoshop crashes when I click on "Replay any mission" even after reinstalling LevelUp 1,261 1 1 year ago by Terri Stone 1 year ago
RomuloArias RomuloArias Calculating status... level 11 830 1 1 year ago by RomuloArias 1 year ago
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