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Steve Board Steve Board Importing files with a preference for one extension 30 1 30 minutes ago by Rob Cole

Pfredd Mudd Pfredd Mudd Collections - Photos in the order they were added? 61 4 50 minutes ago by Pfredd Mudd

w4dZ0o w4dZ0o renaming files in LR5 41 1 58 minutes ago by Rafael Aviles

Maze150 Maze150 LR 5.4 on windows error message "assertion failed" 30 0 1 hour ago by Maze150

Arisian Arisian LightRoom 5.4 broken 2,363 34 1 hour ago by simonsaith

bh74 bh74 Edit LR keywords outside LR, clean them up, re-import 31 0 1 hour ago by bh74

TomHackettPhotography TomHackettPhotography Lightroom 5.4 assertion failed 2,417 27 1 hour ago by simonsaith

pd7 pd7 LOST PICTURES! 187 11 1 hour ago by trshaner

rodrick rodrick LR 5 basic question: best setting for sending? After editing in Lr5 then emailing, its blurry. 130 5 2 hours ago by Rob Cole

DanMilham DanMilham Lightroom in second monitor 79 2 2 hours ago by DanMilham

marenee marenee Old laptop/New laptop/HELP! 44 0 3 hours ago by marenee

NW12345 NW12345 How do I get rid of "get started with Lightroom mobile" text in LR 5.4? 58 1 3 hours ago by NW12345

markos_berndt markos_berndt Lightroom mobile syncing incorrect photo time 78 1 3 hours ago by Wolf Eilers

miktd310 miktd310 Lightroom 4.0  tethering to Canon 5D Mark III  on MAC os x 10.8.5 95 2 4 hours ago by miktd310

Phaeton Place2 Phaeton Place2 Lightroom 4 Keywording Multiple Photos 3,619 6 4 hours ago by Bob Somrak

SalC SalC Can't access any photos in Lr after upgrade from Lr5 to Lr5.3. 99 5 4 hours ago by SalC

William_Robinette William_Robinette Can we please have the ability to edit .r3d frames in LR? 52 0 4 hours ago by William_Robinette

Wolf Eilers Wolf Eilers Lightroom mobile – sync errors with tif files; smart previews possible culprit 105 1 4 hours ago by Wolf Eilers

R.Drifter R.Drifter No Lens Correction in develop module 101 2 5 hours ago by R.Drifter

thebundok thebundok Destination folder structure during import won't refresh 179 1 5 hours ago by thebundok

nszczepane001 nszczepane001 Electronic download of software: how to re-install Lightroom 3? 85 2 5 hours ago by John Waller

photoman47 photoman47 placement of copyright 67 1 5 hours ago by fliplip1

the real secondintime the real secondintime Lightroom Mobile Disk Usage 100 2 6 hours ago by Jim Simon

Bernie1283 Bernie1283 LightRoom  5.4 Update does not work 88 1 6 hours ago by Jim Simon

schafel schafel LR Mobile Sync 71 1 6 hours ago by SausalitoDog

phoebephotog phoebephotog Lightroom 5.4 will not open 44 0 7 hours ago by phoebephotog

Bungalocity Bungalocity What happens if I delete the LR Previews file? 95 4 7 hours ago by Bungalocity

Stephen V Williams Stephen V Williams Transfer Lightroom 5 Catalogue to a Lightroom 4 Catalogue 102 3 8 hours ago by dj_paige

SDAgency SDAgency X Keyboard Shortcut Not Rejecting 1,930 17 8 hours ago by Dept521

rheaengert rheaengert How do you remove moire effect in clothing? 74 1 8 hours ago by dj_paige