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Stephen V Williams Stephen V Williams Transfer Lightroom 5 Catalogue to a Lightroom 4 Catalogue 180 4 8 hours ago by Stephen V Williams 8 hours ago
MagnoLima MagnoLima In using Update DNG Preview & Metadata some of the images get corrupted. 504 8 8 hours ago by MagnoLima 8 hours ago
BaliBernd BaliBernd double installation - not work with 1 key (serial#) 74 1 9 hours ago by JimHess 9 hours ago
wendycoops224 wendycoops224 How do you restore the previous button & remove / hide the autosync button? 101 3 9 hours ago by JimHess 9 hours ago
NeillHGolf NeillHGolf Import button open browser window 60 0 9 hours ago by NeillHGolf 9 hours ago
Mvox Mvox Lightroom 5.4 stuck "loading" after using quick develop 54 0 10 hours ago by Mvox 10 hours ago
RH Photography RH Photography How to fix Lightroom 5.4 application error? 146 2 10 hours ago by RH Photography 10 hours ago
bitm07 bitm07 What new features in Lightroom 6 ? 17,961 105 10 hours ago by markalanthomas 10 hours ago
Laurence65 Laurence65 Folders 107 2 11 hours ago by elie-d 11 hours ago
ashley karyl ashley karyl Migrating to a new computer 856 9 11 hours ago by dj_paige 11 hours ago
micky316 micky316 re install 81 1 11 hours ago by dj_paige 11 hours ago
Rixpix Rixpix Photoshop and Lightroom Missing .dll? 60 0 12 hours ago by Rixpix 12 hours ago
jimkeener jimkeener Calculating status... Going to full screen sets off problems. 91 1 12 hours ago by Tom-Rockwell 12 hours ago
Pbeck1 Pbeck1 When you hover mouse over lens details & text appears, can the duration be increased? 138 3 14 hours ago by Pbeck1 14 hours ago
Macloud 100 Macloud 100 Problems Opening LR for the first time 79 1 14 hours ago by Jim Wilde 14 hours ago
Darkroom Idea Darkroom Idea Calculating status... Lightroom 5 Download 80 1 14 hours ago by Jim Wilde 14 hours ago
thebundok thebundok Destination folder structure during import won't refresh 299 2 15 hours ago by Davidcla 15 hours ago
rob grange rob grange mt copy of lightroom 5 still thinks its a 30 day trial, even after entering the serial numbers 54 0 15 hours ago by rob grange 15 hours ago
Alderbrook Alderbrook Missing camera calibration profile for supported camera 237 4 16 hours ago by ssprengel 16 hours ago
Lori700 Lori700 Install on a 2nd computer. Lost serial number 86 1 19 hours ago by Tony Jay 19 hours ago
MollyJuliette MollyJuliette Calculating status... How do I access photos that I backed up through Lightroom? 130 4 19 hours ago by MollyJuliette 19 hours ago
kristenreneebvs kristenreneebvs Missing images in collections and flags in catalog after 5.4 update. 125 2 19 hours ago by kristenreneebvs 19 hours ago
Riosinger Riosinger How Do I show An Edited Exported Image As Full Size? 116 3 21 hours ago by Rob Cole 21 hours ago
CarBell CarBell Calculating status... Why are the file sizes of exported jpegs so small? 223 5 21 hours ago by Conrad Chavez 21 hours ago
Stickmann Stickmann Can not log into lightroom mobile on desktop or iPad!? 173 4 22 hours ago by Jim Simon 22 hours ago
GerritPiechowski GerritPiechowski unable to create catalog in lightroom, creative cloud - please help!!! 130 2 22 hours ago by Jim Simon 22 hours ago
UTvolgirl80 UTvolgirl80 Is there a subscription required for Adobe in order to be able to use lightroom 5? 137 6 23 hours ago by UTvolgirl80 23 hours ago
nonovsco nonovsco Calculating status... Significant reduction in file size from Camera Raw to DNG 192 5 23 hours ago by trshaner 23 hours ago
Brian A. Brian A. No camera detected with Leica S tethered 153 3 1 day ago by Rikk Flohr 1 day ago
rhowen rhowen After upgrading to LR 5.4 I can't publish collections 77 1 1 day ago by Rob Cole 1 day ago