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Kingbeyondthegate Kingbeyondthegate Muse has become very slow. 40 1 3 hours ago by phil_ojack

JimmyMc JimmyMc facebook feed not displaying on mobile device - works fine on desktop version 20 0 4 hours ago by JimmyMc

alexbroere alexbroere Muse forms not working with new domain extensions 52 3 16 hours ago by CWLMedia

grden grden Muse will no longer publish to business catalyst if jpegs are included in file 1,448 27 17 hours ago by CWLMedia

Mlady Mlady Site not uploading properly anymore, everything looks super big 32 0 1 day ago by Mlady

WynRose WynRose Anchor links mouse hover issues 28 0 2 days ago by WynRose

Pixelhopper Pixelhopper "An unexpected error occur processing your request." when launching Muse. 43,111 88 2 days ago by dkirkhus

mattexdj1983 mattexdj1983 Major layout error since latest Muse update 3,661 31 3 days ago by hgsss

naplespat naplespat can't delete a text cycler from page 42 0 3 days ago by naplespat

derAktive derAktive Muse is pretty slow 58 1 3 days ago by Zak Williamson (Adobe)

pngpeter pngpeter Facebook like widget not showing up in safari 109 3 3 days ago by pngpeter

AnneCarmen AnneCarmen Error after upgrade today: MuseJSAssert:Error calling selector function:Error:Invalid argument 2,151 25 4 days ago by bruce roemmich

Adam at Moto Tech Adam at Moto Tech Contact Form Not Working 264 7 4 days ago by Adam at Moto Tech

CWLMedia CWLMedia Can no longer publish after latest Muse update (April 2nd 2014) 273 3 5 days ago by CWLMedia

Lukewind Lukewind Alignment inside box bug. 2,737 7 5 days ago by sdigiacomo

Lefty Carol Lefty Carol Muse navigation 58 0 5 days ago by Lefty Carol

pauldean48 pauldean48 Soical buttons not working in firefox & Chrome but OK in Safari 191 3 5 days ago by AmyBD

derAktive derAktive Vertical Font Alignment inside Menu-Widget 56 0 5 days ago by derAktive

Sean Boone Sean Boone Muse Crashed Zooming 1,488 14 6 days ago by derAktive

mykw123 mykw123 Edge Animate's OAM file problem placed in Muse or other unknown problem??  Please help! 108 0 1 week ago by mykw123

AHT AHT Muse updates the changed text but not the images 86 0 1 week ago by AHT

aconda aconda Composition widget and embedded html 103 0 1 week ago by aconda

panekjanek panekjanek I can't send website to server. 267 4 1 week ago by CWLMedia

DeannaLynnCampbell DeannaLynnCampbell Design view different from preview  -  is muse still in beta testing 107 0 1 week ago by DeannaLynnCampbell

panekjanek panekjanek Problem with YouTube widget in Muse 7.3 229 1 1 week ago by panekjanek

Piero_Pec Piero_Pec Text doesn't appears at launch of website but only after refresh 136 1 1 week ago by Piero_Pec

r u a computer guy? r u a computer guy? Application cannot be installed due to a certificate or damaged installer problem. 177 2 1 week ago by r u a computer guy?

Richieh Richieh Where does the MySQL script go within Muse to allow contact forms to work? 115 1 1 week ago by CWLMedia

JustBob JustBob Full Screen Slide Show and Full Width Object Odd Behavior 72 0 1 week ago by JustBob

HeavyBuster HeavyBuster Oam file in Muse generate error 549 3 1 week ago by RadDrgn007