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chrazor chrazor Functionality to hide .html file extensions for sites not hosted on BC... 21 0 5 hours ago by chrazor

Nerijo Nerijo More secure forms and CAPTCHA for non-BC sites? 1,712 32 14 hours ago by chuckstefen

ap media ap media First time user - missing features 209 3 1 day ago by DR Brandt

USTOJO508 USTOJO508 Breadcrumbs Option for Muse 49 1 2 days ago by Becs_15

Dahnark Dahnark Two really needed features 34 0 4 days ago by Dahnark

YezMUCH YezMUCH Email field delete - how to do it inside Muse? 36 0 4 days ago by YezMUCH

bartl bartl Feature request: radio buttons for contact forms 1,789 20 4 days ago by trocat

Yonas4life Yonas4life How do I go about embedding a jquery plugin into the building process of Adobe Muse? 42 0 4 days ago by Yonas4life

Richard Looke Richard Looke When will a customisable panel interface be available? 40 0 5 days ago by Richard Looke

DrStrik9 DrStrik9 Ability to control tab order in forms 826 8 5 days ago by jeremyf

theDustinWilliam theDustinWilliam Using your own web fonts and not TypeKit's 1,153 10 6 days ago by zrankfappa

DR Brandt DR Brandt Glyphs panel 29 0 1 week ago by DR Brandt

jp.26 jp.26 Changing the name of a page title, make it possible jump from title to title by pushing 'tab' 44 0 1 week ago by jp.26

erikyorgason erikyorgason Muse and Reflow integration 194 1 1 week ago by Burtti66

Standa78 Standa78 PHP code 205 4 1 week ago by Standa78

andrenobs andrenobs Ability to add new links on Business Catalyst online editing 44 0 1 week ago by andrenobs

herzog_ffm herzog_ffm MUSE HTML-Element and PHP-Code 247 1 1 week ago by Ioannis Giannopoulos

DR Brandt DR Brandt "Insert and Shift" feature idea 51 0 1 week ago by DR Brandt

RedusTheRiotAct1 RedusTheRiotAct1 State Options and Animated Buttons 49 0 1 week ago by RedusTheRiotAct1

weslangdon weslangdon Feature: File > Preview (Site/Page) in Browser > Select Browser 55 0 1 week ago by weslangdon

belkofer belkofer Please! Find & Replace...HUGE Time Saver 261 3 1 week ago by CompleteDataProducts

mebyard mebyard More shadow effects would be nice 399 4 1 week ago by Steve @ MuseThemes

Vassya C Vassya C FONTS! Language Support / Filter by Language support 66 1 1 week ago by Liz, Typekit Support

GaryMoody GaryMoody Add Content with In Browser Editing 164 2 1 week ago by iveduboua

ThomasA. ThomasA. Upload to SFTP 64 0 1 week ago by ThomasA.

DR Brandt DR Brandt Sticky notes or a manual change log 46 0 1 week ago by DR Brandt

aldisney_alltrades aldisney_alltrades Muse Business Catalyst Integration 1,773 13 1 week ago by PhilJeyes

DR Brandt DR Brandt Any way to create subdomains? 73 0 1 week ago by DR Brandt

AdrienneTAD AdrienneTAD Ability to anchor to a tabbed panel. 85 1 1 week ago by DR Brandt

Sterling Williams Sterling Williams SO SAD, after a year of working and loving Muse on MOBILE, just found out only works on iPhones... 116 1 2 weeks ago by Zak Williamson (Adobe)