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Adobe Muse CC Hotfix 7.3 is live!

The 7.3 Hotfix is a minor release including the bug fixes listed here.


Adobe Muse Exchange

Access the new Adobe Muse Exchange to download over one hundred design elements submitted by the Adobe Muse community to-date. Includes starter templates, prototyping tools, interactive widgets, and more.


Organizing and reusing common elements using Library Panel

Use the new Library panel to collect design elements like icons, stylized buttons, widgets and typographic elements to reuse in other projects, and share with other designers.


Working with Widgets

Easily connect sites to social media with a dozen new drag-and-drop social widgets including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest buttons, plus Google maps, Vimeo and YouTube videos.


New Scroll Effect improvements

An updated Scroll Effects panel offers more options including the ability to apply opacity and fading to scroll elements, and add scroll effects to Adobe Edge animations and slideshows.


For full information about the release, please see:


Keyboard Shortcuts Mac/Win (Updated)

Muse Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Muse Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows


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Re: scrolling und scrolleffekte ruckeln auf einigen Browsern bei Windows
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Exceptional Contributor

Brad Lawryk Photo

Name: Brad Lawryk


Brad is an expert in online business development and longtime community member. He has deep experience with Business Catalyst and web development, but has found that Muse is a rich tool that can get the results he needs very quickly.

He recently has begun creating helpful videos dealing with Muse and Business Catalyst.

Upgrading a Muse Website in BC

Setting the Muse Home Page in BC

Q: How long have you been professionally designing using Adobe products?

A: If you count the Macromedia days before Adobe took it over I have been using every version of Dreamweaver since pre-release of version 1.0 in 1997. My first experience with Adobe products was with Photoshop 3.05 in about 1995. I now use many Adobe products in my daily workflows.

Q: How do you incorporate Muse into your workflow?

A: I use Muse currently for those small or home based businesses that just need a web presence on a small budget. By keeping it simple I can get them up and running in no time without the client having to endure a substantial upfront cost.

Q: Do you have any advice for designers just getting started with Web Sites?

A: I get asked this a lot. The best advice I could suggest is practice. Build plenty of mock sites from ground up. Other ideas might be to find yourself a mentor - someone in the industry you can bounce ideas off or get the occasional help. Reading forums is also a good way to discover things that can be done that you may not be aware of. But experience is the best way to learn.

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