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casper_no casper_no FlexPMD and FB 4.7, no results 2,188 4 10 months ago by casper_no

trevorbutler trevorbutler Binaries for FlexPMD/CPD/FlexMetrics? 946 0 1 year ago by trevorbutler

Joseph_Saade Joseph_Saade FlexPMD / FlexMetrics / Flex CPD 1,014 0 1 year ago by Joseph_Saade

wilsonsilva7 wilsonsilva7 Is there anyone working on FlexPMD? 1,215 0 1 year ago by wilsonsilva7

Pepe.FxUG Pepe.FxUG FlexPMD View does not work with Eclipse 4.2 anf Flash Builder 4.7 beta2 1,239 0 1 year ago by Pepe.FxUG

Ankur Arora Ankur Arora Exclude a Package 1,354 2 1 year ago by Ankur Arora

Jawale.Nandu Jawale.Nandu Next FlexPMD release 1,455 1 1 year ago by Damien Remars

clotton clotton Fileset in flexPMD ant task? 1,842 2 1 year ago by bobr123777

elPerea elPerea Problem with custom IncorrectEventHandlerNameRule 1,087 0 1 year ago by elPerea

JOE8844SBSB JOE8844SBSB how to use flexpmd with flashdevelop? 1,097 0 1 year ago by JOE8844SBSB

Scruffpuff Scruffpuff PMD View blank in Flash Builder Beta 2 Standalone 11,967 41 1 year ago by Claudio Cesar Filho

MABqualixo MABqualixo Build Maven KO 7,576 4 1 year ago by Steven Erat

Steven Erat Steven Erat [ERROR]   Unresolveable build extension 5,282 8 1 year ago by Steven Erat

NoMan\'sLand NoMan\'sLand How to calculate the sum of cyclomatic complexity of all methods? 1,202 0 1 year ago by NoMan\'sLand

iamcootis iamcootis Nothing happens when I run FlexPMD 4,642 15 1 year ago by Mayank5

Tony_Ry Tony_Ry FlexPMD 1.2 and Eclipse Plug-In 8,251 15 1 year ago by Fairoz Matte

zhaojie1982 zhaojie1982 How to check the change between two code versions ? 1,042 0 1 year ago by zhaojie1982

Chris Velevitch Chris Velevitch Unused Classes 1,148 0 2 years ago by Chris Velevitch

chatrathi chatrathi Flex PMD view is always empty. Nothing happens when I run Flex PMD/Cut and Paste option 1,549 0 2 years ago by chatrathi

ChivertonT ChivertonT FlexPMD view always empty (Flex Builder 4.5.1 in Eclipse 3.6.2 on 32bit WinXP) 2,932 3 2 years ago by nephi.wright

markdemich markdemich Viewing FlexMetrics Output 1,266 0 2 years ago by markdemich

ChivertonT ChivertonT Anyone else get tons of false positives from the cut and paste detector 1,079 0 2 years ago by ChivertonT

Xian404 Xian404 is <exclude-pattern> supported in FlexPMD? 1,147 0 2 years ago by Xian404

Abhinav Sharma Abhinav Sharma Where does FlexPMD Result XML file is created ?? 1,400 0 2 years ago by Abhinav Sharma

kenmckaba2 kenmckaba2 FlexCPD 1.2 download link broken 1,999 2 2 years ago by fgarzonhz

MurrayFurtado MurrayFurtado FlexPMD maven plugin no longer useable with Maven due to imcompatible binaries? 2,873 2 2 years ago by megaweb mcm

MurrayFurtado MurrayFurtado UnboundTypeInMetadata - how to resolve? 1,498 1 2 years ago by MurrayFurtado

jemawa jemawa test failures during mvn package 3,936 7 2 years ago by jemawa

Mickael Ruellan Mickael Ruellan Displaying Flex PMD results in Jenkins running Flex Mojos 1,962 0 2 years ago by Mickael Ruellan

SpankyQ SpankyQ Warnings about root element must be well-formed 2,250 1 2 years ago by philipwi

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