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Mobius Strip Mobius Strip How do you load keyboard shortcuts? 9,369 23 1 year ago by janelle_f

Gumby4453 Gumby4453 Setting Photoshop CS5 as the default for opening all photo files? 20,777 11 2 years ago by Bo LeBeau

n8vdudeSF n8vdudeSF An Unexpected and Unrecoverable problem...(Mac OS Lion 10.7.2) 4,454 5 2 years ago by jiten rai

mochasunrise mochasunrise Fatal Error Message when opening PhotoshopCS4 2,911 0 2 years ago by mochasunrise

carynorton carynorton Camera Raw won't open certain JPG files from Bridge, others open in ACR with no problem. 2,975 0 2 years ago by carynorton

azdawg99 azdawg99 Goodbye Mac Forum 3,046 0 2 years ago by azdawg99

aclaney aclaney CS3 not opening on PowerMac G5 2,944 2 2 years ago by aclaney

specialkbreak specialkbreak Selection outline in Transform Again 1,980 0 2 years ago by specialkbreak

SneakerG SneakerG Pixel Dimensions math 5,251 7 2 years ago by SneakerG

jallfree2 jallfree2 Disabling "auto" clipping masks in layers 5,073 2 2 years ago by jallfree2

wa1oui wa1oui How to change the size of the image view 2,051 3 2 years ago by wa1oui

martin-s martin-s Replicate Image Ready droplets? 2,790 4 2 years ago by Tai Lao

dr.botox dr.botox Photoshop CS5 doesn´t start if the Internet is on... 3,257 1 2 years ago by c.pfaffenbichler

TheBlackXacto TheBlackXacto Why do pallets (except Tools) disappear? 3,210 5 2 years ago by Tai Lao

Jimmy Ink Jimmy Ink Everytime I open more than 1 image PS CS5 Crashes! 3,599 5 2 years ago by Chris Cox

carxprt carxprt Photoshop CS4 and Mac OS10.7 Lion 11,036 6 2 years ago by cldjr

mila12/21/42 mila12/21/42 CS 3 to iMac Lion 3,871 5 2 years ago by vinsolo

DiveSystemUSA DiveSystemUSA Making logo transparent 2,576 1 2 years ago by DiveSystemUSA

tp365 tp365 Extension Manager says I don't have any programs 1,801 0 2 years ago by tp365

flash_splash flash_splash Colorblind red/green, how does that affect PS and what are the options. 3,089 4 2 years ago by flash_splash

rachelrenee77 rachelrenee77 Issues with CS5 Liquify in my iMac with a AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 MB Graphics Card 4,310 7 2 years ago by Chris Cox

Apple Custard Studios Apple Custard Studios Adjustment layers not working in CMYK MODE? 6,975 4 2 years ago by c.pfaffenbichler

bendodson_com bendodson_com Creating a transparent PNG from 2 layers - one normal, one multiply 4,700 2 2 years ago by bendodson_com

zakrounds zakrounds Error Message: Could not complete your request because of a program error. when I try to save. help! 4,140 1 2 years ago by c.pfaffenbichler

ibattersby ibattersby VERY slow performance with CS4 + Save for web 4,742 9 2 years ago by Imworkinghere

kevrayner100 kevrayner100 Zoom using scroll wheel on a mouse 3,019 4 2 years ago by Chris Cox

inquestflash inquestflash bevel effects quesiton 2,174 7 2 years ago by acresofgreen

palms028 palms028 Gradient Help 1,655 3 2 years ago by Chris Cox

uncle bobo uncle bobo Adjustments/hue/saturation 2,329 7 2 years ago by Chris Cox

Jack Cane Jack Cane Background Layers Locked on all Images 2,511 6 2 years ago by Tai Lao