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R_Kelly R_Kelly Photoshop CS4 pixel bender plugin compile error 47 0 4 days ago by R_Kelly 4 days ago
Pixelfill Pixelfill Calculating status... Where to download the CS5 pixel bender plug-in? 10,467 17 2 weeks ago by Eclectic116 2 weeks ago
Uzes Uzes problems with pixel bender toolkit 2.5 for photoshop cs5 2,507 11 1 month ago by falmouthcapecod 1 month ago
BobZ30 BobZ30 Calculating status... Brush Strokes grayed out 3,676 13 2 months ago by seeburt 2 months ago
Smitty8771 Smitty8771 Calculating status... Drosted Effect Crashes PS CS4. 162 0 4 months ago by Smitty8771 4 months ago
jpratt2 jpratt2 Calculating status... Oil Paint filter for CS4? 872 1 4 months ago by jjkindt 4 months ago
InfraredGuy InfraredGuy Calculating status... Need help with a filter to use in Photoshop CS5 2,975 18 7 months ago by jeep57 7 months ago
klsteven klsteven Pixel Bender and Photoshop CS6 19,104 9 11 months ago by Toaosog 11 months ago
jarrodg8179 jarrodg8179 Pixel Bender is NOT installing Please help! 1,465 2 1 year ago by falmouthcapecod 1 year ago
xtravin7 xtravin7 Calculating status... Trouble installing Pixel Bender in Photoshop CS4 602 0 1 year ago by xtravin7 1 year ago
ngraci ngraci Calculating status... Can I install Pixel Bender on Photoshop CS3? 2,051 1 1 year ago by R_Kelly 1 year ago
AvalosPhoto AvalosPhoto Calculating status... Running as Default Administrator, extension manager cs6 and cs5 hates Pixelbender, 1,470 3 1 year ago by R_Kelly 1 year ago
el cid 2 el cid 2 Calculating status... Oil Paint freezes CS5, cannot switch apps, forced to reboot 716 1 1 year ago by el cid 2 1 year ago
ikyikyhaha ikyikyhaha Calculating status... Results from Pixel Bender appearing distorted when using Oil Paint. 966 1 1 year ago by Michael8nuts 1 year ago
ewormuth ewormuth Calculating status... Images don't show in Pixel Bender Filters. 826 1 1 year ago by Michael8nuts 1 year ago
r3silva2 r3silva2 PLEASE make pixel bender plugin available to PS CS6 949 0 1 year ago by r3silva2 1 year ago
ETHANMD ETHANMD Calculating status... Extension Manager CS5/Pixel Bender problems. 1,363 1 1 year ago by ETHANMD 1 year ago
Cheryl McGregor Cheryl McGregor Calculating status... Unable to download PB for CS5.5 2,301 11 1 year ago by wayneJohnsPhotography 1 year ago
VRW Photography VRW Photography Calculating status... Pixel Blender oil paint makes PS crash 628 0 1 year ago by VRW Photography 1 year ago
tiagosalva tiagosalva my cs5 closes everytime i choose pixel blender...pls help using 64 bit, windows ultimate.ty 768 1 1 year ago by georgegrubb 1 year ago
timmylostboy timmylostboy Calculating status... pixel bender 878 1 1 year ago by R_Kelly 1 year ago
Stephen Keary Stephen Keary Calculating status... Can't download Pixel Bender for CS5 910 0 1 year ago by Stephen Keary 1 year ago
Michael8nuts Michael8nuts Calculating status... Random Pixelbender Error 839 1 1 year ago by Michael8nuts 1 year ago
LAustrian LAustrian Calculating status... I Get Err msg "Image Dimensions exceed hardware capabilites or your GPU" What are GPU requirements? 649 0 1 year ago by LAustrian 1 year ago
vinyo888 vinyo888 Calculating status... graphic card/CPU 543 0 2 years ago by vinyo888 2 years ago
empressharivv empressharivv Calculating status... Unable to install Pixel Bender in Mac OS 10.7.2, permissions error 875 0 2 years ago by empressharivv 2 years ago
habufo habufo Calculating status... downloading pixel bender fot CS4 2,598 3 2 years ago by azzato 2 years ago
minning minning Calculating status... Multiple inputs? 1,018 3 2 years ago by Kevin Goldsmith 2 years ago
annaforrest annaforrest Calculating status... Can't install - you do not have appropriate permissions 847 0 2 years ago by annaforrest 2 years ago Calculating status... Can I run Pixel Bender on new Macbook Air...Help! 549 0 2 years ago by 2 years ago
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